Little Boy Shirts: Make Your Baby Boy Look Like a Gentleman

I had a lot of fun when I was building a wardrobe for my son when he was a baby. But now when he is 3, he wants to do most of the things by himself, including walking, running, climbing, using the potty and dressing himself up. Even though he doesn’t know the meaning of “building your wardrobe”, he is picky with his clothes and wants me to let him choose what he will be wearing.

I don’t mind him deciding on his outfit as I believe it can help him build confidence and feel free to speak up in the future. But I’ve noticed that his shirt choices are not always suitable for the occasion or the weather, so I have to use a few tricks to get him to wear what’s more appropriate. In cases like that, I usually pick out a few options that are most suitable and let him choose. I realised that the best thing I can do is to get little boy shirts for various occasions, so I can have a few options at hand.

Tips on How to Choose Toddler Boy Shirts

When buying your baby boy’s shirts, there are a few things to keep in mind. Very often, boys wear through and damage clothes faster than girls, so you want to choose little boy shirts that will look great on your son, but also will last longer, saving you time and money on the track.


Good Quality Always Comes First

When it comes to kids’ clothing, quality comes before style. Quality made shirts are carefully designed and made tough enough to be durable and comfortable for everyday play as well as various occasions, such as birthday parties, for instance. I always look for natural fibres or natural/synthetic blends. Natural fibres, such as cotton, are most comfortable and wear better as well.

Be Original and Practical

As a mom of a boy, I can tell you that department stores are packed full of delightful little outfits for girls and not so many choices for boys. That’s why I usually buy toddler boy shirts online as it gives me access to many different brands and styles that I can’t find at our local shopping centre.


Choose the Size Carefully

As we all want our kids to wear their clothes for as long as possible, it’s important to pay attention when selecting the clothing size. Finding the right size can be a challenging task as kids clothing sizes often vary. While some kids breeze through sizes quickly, others seem to take their time moving from one size to the next. Children grow at different rates and each child’s growth is unique, so sometimes you may need to purchase a size that doesn’t match the child’s age.

So, how can you know that the shirt you’re buying will fit your little boy? Sizes can vary from one brand to another, so make sure to check the manufacturer’s kids size chart and keep in mind that as your child grows, it’s likely that he will wear different sizes across different parts of his wardrobe. So, his pant size might be a 5T, but his shirt size is a 6, for instance.

I know some moms who buy a bigger size and while the clothes may look a little baggy at first, they’ll grow into them, so you get clothes that your boy can wear for more than one season. I haven’t tried this with my boy’s shirts yet, but I’m considering it for the next purchase. If a shirt in a bigger size doesn’t look nice on him, I can still keep it and let him wear it when the time comes. It’s not a waste of money anyway, so I could give it a try.

However, before shopping, you should know your son’s height and weight as some brands size their clothing based on additional measurements such as chest, waist and hips. If you’re looking for toddler boy shirts for a friend or family member’s child, it’s a good idea to as his mom or dad for their child’s measurements before you make the purchase.

If you’re a mom who wants to ensure the perfect fit, you need to take the most accurate measurements before buying your boy’s shirts. For height, I measure my son without shoes, feet together and back to the wall, and I place the tape measure from the floor to the top of his head. For chest measurement, I place the tape measure under his arm and around the fullest part of his chest, making sure the tape is comfortably loose.


Wash the Shirts First

Whether you’re buying your boy’s shirts in a department store or online, you need to make sure you pop them in the wash first before letting him wear them. Wash in cold water and use a high-quality detergent to prevent shrinking or damaging his new shirts. This way, you’ll wash away any dyes or chemicals that may be present on the surface of the clothes, thus protecting your little one from anything harmful.