Understanding the Bible from Struggle to Engaged

I’ve always been intrigued by the Bible – such an old book dating from ancient times showing us just how life was back then. Plus, talking about the foundation of Christianity, a religion that is widely spread over the world, influencing the lives of millions of people? Tempting, indeed. And since I always fall under temptations of this kind, I started to read the Bible. Several times.

Yup, I would start reading the book and go over a few pages, then leave it because obviously, I have a life with things to do. Then, when I take it again to continue reading, I find that I have no clue what am I reading at that very moment, and that I need to go back to the start. Truly, frustrating. One day I just gave up on it, after realising that my level of understanding literature with a such sophisticated language, was too low to understand the Bible’s material. That is, until I came across the contemporary English version.


Back in my school days, I’d pray for some teachers to literally digest their material from the course books into tiny pieces with maps and bullet points to remember. What can I say, some things were hard for a young girl to remember and understand in a way she is supposed to. The same goes with the Bible, as this book is not understandable for a lot of people – students of the matter of Christianity. It’s hard and it’s written in a language most of us can’t really devote the time to decipher it, which is why a book like the contemporary English version of the Bible comes as an assistant between pages – just the type of help I needed.

As the name itself suggests, this book is an analysed version of the actual Bible containing names, places and dates, important events developed and analysed in details, and is generally made to be understood by all people. It’s a handy book that includes a small dictionary with names (which is a part that may confuse you a lot while reading the Bible) and cross references between important paragraphs so you can relate things and events to come to a conclusion that makes sense for you.

Some would ask: how do I know if that interpretation is correct? The fact that it’s a book and it’s circulating around the wide public is the primary indicator that the book has passed certain controls and check ups before hitting the stores and online offers. Moreover, the authors behind books of the kind are generally people who have been studying the Bible long time so they definitely have the competences to claim whether something is true or not. This is how I at least look at this matter.

So after getting my guidance-through-the-Bible book, the books such as the Philippians, the book of John, the Ephesians and similar, weren’t so strange and distant to me. By using the modern English version’s explanations along with the original, all things have more sense and the matter is easily absorbed by my mind. The Bible in a whole different light.

If you’re someone who is interested in seeing and understanding the timeless wisdom contained in the everlasting book, get yourself some help on that journey. A handy book like the modern English version of the Bible could be a very efficient help.