Fishing: It’s a Girl Thing

All the anglers in the house, make a room and let me introduce to you the girl who loves fishing. She’s nothing out of the ordinary, but at the same time nothing like any girl you’ve met before. Her angler skills are probably better than yours and she’s also probably caught way more fish than you. She doesn’t care being in a men’s company while fishing, because most of her angler buddies are her high school male friends and colleagues.

In the male-dominant world of fishing, men fail to acknowledge the skills that are demonstrated over and over again by women. Most men would say sports are a man’s thing, but we all know that’s not true, especially not in this last decade. We see many women’s football and basketball clubs, women in skating, skiing and boarding, women in athletics, tennis and golf, practically in every sport imaginable. And since for many people fishing is not just a relaxing activity for the brain but yet another type of sport, as a woman I can gladly say there are so many of us who are doing a great job in the anglers world as well. Just because it consists of squid jig hooks, cane poles and getting a bit dirty will all the fish around, it doesn’t mean it’s not for women.

Woman Fishing 1

It’s important to note that women also care about specialized, quality fishing equipment. When it comes to buying the right angler equipment, the girl who loves fishing is very picky. She only wants what’s best no matter the price or the size, so when she found out she needed new squid jig hooks, she searched and searched and thanks to her inner feminine instinct she finally found the best fishing store in the area. She decided to go with round head jigs that were available in any combination of hook size and head weight that can be found in her rather big fishing equipment. The special fishing store that was selling the best squid jig hooks became her favorite destination beside the big lake close to her house.

With her new package of squid jig hooks, fishing became even more enjoyable. The girl who loves fishing used her unusual angler skills and caught the biggest fish she’s ever seen, but none of it would’ve happened if it weren’t for the new equipment. It can take her hours till the perfect catch, but that doesn’t stop her from letting her thoughts wander above the crystal clear water and under the hot summer sun. Because unlike many people, she honestly enjoys what she’s doing. That’s why the girl who loves fishing is the best angler-skilled person I’ve ever met: she’s got the skills, the passion and the mind to become the world’s next best angler.