The Reasons Behind the Trend (by a Shower Cubicle Fan)

If you are an early bird like me, you probably know the soothing feeling a morning shower can give you. It is just the thing you need to have the right amount of energy for worktime ahead and is just as effective as going for a walk or running. A great deal of benefits are in favour of the morning shower ritual so you can start the day off on the right foot. After having my long awaited bathroom makeover, I ditched the bathtub and replaced it with a shower cubicle. It turned out to be a life-changing experience and I will share with you some of the reasons as to why I now am the biggest fan of shower cubicles there is.

Usually bathrooms are the rooms that happen to be more compact (if not the most), though it is not specifically the case with every home. Regarding this, shower cubicles are made for optimal use of space. Modern designers constantly come up with all the more lean designs made for every taste. Therefore a lot of the shower cubicles lately are created minimally to not only fit any bathroom but also give it a more sophisticated touch. Some of the trendiest models include having mirror doors which provide a spacious look, plus you can use them as your mirror instead of buying one additionally. The varieties of designs to choose from are endless, from the very expensive to cheap shower cubicles depending on your budget.

With so many models for sale, the price range is extensive. If you have some more money to spare, I would advise you to get a shower cubicle with a therapeutic massaging shower jet, you will not regret it. This takes showering relaxation to another level. The great thing is you can also find cheap shower cubicles offering such comfort. In case you do not have much money for this kind of investment, you can easily adjust your bathtub for showering with an enclosure.

You will save yourself time during cleaning because most of the shower cubicles are made of materials that are easy to wipe and you can rest assured there will be no wet slippery floors. For early-risers as I mentioned before, a shower is a necessity. Having a bathtub means you will need some moments to fill enough water for a bath. This could be very time-consuming and in the end you would resolve to skip your favourite morning routine when you are pressed for time. If you do have a bath, then you might splash the floor around (more often than not), thus get more cleaning to do as well as risk slipping accidents.

To further support the trend, it so happens I get the most creative ideas while being in the shower cubicle. Science has already proved showering is perfect for brainstorming, so if you are stuck in a rut with creativity, you know what to do – buy yourself a shower cubicle.