Parent on the go: Strollers – What to look for?

I believe all of you mummies-to-be will agree with me that a good, quality stroller is among the must-have things before your baby comes to this world. You want to be fully prepared for that amazing experience in advance. And a good stroller is quite the investment that requires some thinking, researching the market and all options that are out there.

So besides the obvious thing, choosing the type of stroller that best suits your needs when you look through the vast offer of strollers for sale, you should go further with your research and consider the following few things.


Safety matters

The stroller you pick should have a frame that is easy to lock into position. It should be a strong mechanism that will not collapse while carrying a child. Also, the frame should not have any sharp edges or protrusions as for the child not to get caught on them. You do not need wide leg openings, because as small as he may be, a child can easily slip through and get hurt.



You definitely want good seatbelts with your stroller because babies, as small and not aware as they look will find a way to get out of them. So, look for a system of restrain that’s a five-point harness: meaning, one that can be wrapped around the waist, between the legs and over the shoulders. The buckle should be easy for you to handle and comfortable enough for the baby. When going through strollers for sale offers, make sure the buckle is in good condition.



The most important thing about the brakes is that they should lock the wheels once you engage them. Test the brakes while still in store to make sure they are okay so you do not have to bother returning the stroller later.


Handle height

A good stroller should not be an uncomfortable burden for you to manage. That means the handles of the stroller should be easy for you to maneuver. In order to be so, their height should be at the pusher’s waist level. In most cases both parents are not at the same height, so the best option in this case is a stroller with adjustable handles.



Have in mind that babies can not sit straight until they gain head control, which is usually after they are 6 months old. This means you are going to need a seat that can turn into flat position so the baby can be in a laying position. Once he is able to sit, the seat should be adjusted for him to be able to sit comfortably.


The canopy

You should not even consider a stroller without a good adjustable canopy which will provide shade for your baby on days when the sun is too strong. Plus, a good shade works as protection from the wind too.


Storage space

By default, a newborn baby comes with his own baggage; diapers, a diaper changing mat, cleaning wipes, spare clothes and similar things without which you simply can not afford yourself to leave the house. That bag will be large, and you want to have a good bucket underneath the seat to store it into. Make sure your stroller has a good storage space, because without it, you are definitely going to need someone to carry that bag for you while you push the stroller.