The Most Commonly Used Motorcycle Accessories

Riding on a motorcycle is quite different from driving a car since you are exposed to the elements. While most of the time, it’s a great way to enjoy the pleasant weather more, that won’t always be the case. A change in weather can make you soaking wet or scorching hot. Not to mention, as a motorcyclist you’re more exposed to serious injuries in the event of an accident.

motorcycle parts and accessories

That’s why you need to always be protected and prepared. Something as simple as a good side mirror can make your riding experience a whole lot safer. But besides protecting yourself, you also need to think about your bike. Unlike a car, a motorbike is lighter and can be easily picked up and stolen when you’re not looking.

Taking all of this into account, you will want to invest in some essential motorcycle parts and accessories online and local suppliers offer. Here’s what I’ve found to be absolutely crucial for safety and comfort on the road.

What Every Motorcyclist Needs


Yes, we all know that safety equipment is important when riding a bike and you shouldn’t go anywhere without a helmet. I wasn’t a fan of wearing a heavy helmet, but when you have your favourite band blasting you seem to forget about it.
I’ve found that for these motorcycle parts and accessories online stores offer a huge selection. There are even some helmets with Bluetooth connectivity. And I’ve also found helmets especially made for a more aerodynamic ride. This means they do not put as much stress on your neck.

However, whatever you do, make sure that the helmet has passed all the required Australian standards for helmet safety and is the perfect size and fit for you.

Motorcycle Jacket


Like it or not, you will have to wear a jacket when riding a bike. It’s not that it’s mandatory or anything, it’s just that you don’t want to get tanned incorrectly or be caught in heavy rain unprotected. But one big part of wearing a motorcycle jacket is the added safety. God forbid, you end up crashing, a motorcycle jacket can be the difference between life and death. A buddy of mine ended in the hospital after a crash, and if it wasn’t for the jacket he would have ended up with a lot worse injuries.

Gloves & Knee Guards

In case you do get involved in a crash, a pair of gloves and knee guards on you can add significant protection. Plus, gloves offer better grip so that you can have a more comfortable and safer ride. Look for gloves that are flexible, water-resistant and warm, whilst being properly padded too. The same can be said for knee guards too, but only when it comes to the padding and comfort. Believe me, you won’t find any water-resistant knee guards.

Ear Protection

If listening to music or being on a call throughout your trip isn’t something you personally do, then you might want to protect your ears from the sound of the traffic around you. In this case, I’ve found that simple foam earplugs are an effective solution. They lower the exposure to engine noise, excessive wind, and road noises. You can get them with medium and heavy attenuation and choose between disposable or reusable earplugs. Go for whatever you find suits you best.

Safety Systems Motorcycle

What Every Motorcycle Needs

Safety Systems

Also known as security systems, these moto parts and accessories have been life-changing for me personally. Before, we didn’t have such advanced systems on our motorcycles. These motorcycle parts and accessories online friends have been referring them to me for quite some time now. I have been missing out on quite a lot and believe me, you’ll miss out too if you don’t get one.

While security systems can range from simple locks to advanced electronic alarms with GPS tracking, any level of protection can make a big difference. I would advise you to get one with an alarm and leave the GPS for your smartphone. I’d recommend you couple this with a locking system to make for the perfect theft prevention.


One main safety aspect to remember at night is visibility. I didn’t know how important is staying visible at night until I started driving my Sienna and had a hard time noticing bikers. I am not saying that the lights on the bikes themselves aren’t good enough, it’s just that you’re still not as visible as a car. In this case, I’d recommend you get some reflective license plate bolts and reflective tape too. You can also get reflective riding gear with panels or tubing.

Crash Protection

No one wants to think about being in an accident, but you need to be ready for it as you never know what can happen on the road. It’s not that you need to develop spidey senses for this, but you’ll need some crash protection. This type of gear includes swingarm spools, frame sliders, and bar ends among others. You can protect yourself and your bike from serious damage and injuries from crashes that have resulted from low to moderate speed slides.