Being Responsible: Essential Puppy Products for New Dog Owners

So, you’ve found your new four-legged pal that will enrich your life in unimaginable ways. But falling in love with a puppy and adopting them, is the easy part. The hard part comes when it’s time to make sure you’ll take the good care of your puppy and loving them the right way, by being truly responsible.

It may be different for other people, but when I first got a dog, I couldn’t really anticipate all the things I would need to ensure his happiness, his hygiene and most importantly, his and my family’s health. My family and I got the accessories that seemed necessary and fun, even before taking him home: the ideal dog house, a fancy ID tag, a stylish and comfortable collar, a practical lead, a pooper scooper, poop bags, and the cutest toys we could find. But I soon realised that we were not entirely ready. So, unfortunately, we had to learn many things the hard way.

cute puppy with his owner

Get Ready to Clean (a Lot!)

It’s not that I didn’t know that puppies don’t come with a manual and that we would have to learn many new things along the way. But the one thing that I wish I was more prepared for, and the one thing that I found the most difficult, was all the cleaning it involved, especially while our beautiful dog (the kids named him Bark, very appropriately) was a baby. Oh, the number of troubles I could have saved myself from if only I knew right away about all the useful puppy cleaning products that can make your life easier.

So, here is the main thing I learned: dogs need time to be toilet trained and they will make a lot of mess. Nothing you have to do before they are potty trained is fun – not accidentally stepping in wee or poo, not the stains, not cleaning, and definitely not the fact that if you don’t clean up after them promptly and properly, your dog will be encouraged to use the same spot to wee or poo over and over again. In fact, before finally learning, the little rascal had even waited to get home after a walk to wee in his favourite place.

owner cleaning after the puppy

So, am I saying that there are wrong ways to clean after your puppy, you ask? Well, yes. And it’s very important to learn this before even getting them home, even if you’ve already learned how to deal with so many crazy things that end up on the floor. Because dogs have an incredible olfactory sense and can smell things even if you can’t, which is why they will often choose the same spot to go to the toilet at home.

Fortunately, one day, when I was walking Bark, I met a wise kind stranger that had an answer to my complaints and quite obvious ones at that. They pointed out that someone thought of solutions for all the problems I was mentioning. And that’s how I discovered all the things that were available to me for exactly this problem. From mats for toilet training, pet diapers, floor protection pads, special dog cleaning supplies, products that attract your dog to wee in a certain spot all the way to things that protect your yard or your home from the damage dog urine can cause, and many, many more – puppy cleaning products are simply lifesavers for any dog owner.

Learn About Dog Health & Get Products That Support It

Though it seems obvious and straightforward, taking care of your dog’s health takes a lot of preparation. Preparation is key to all of this. And if you are going to be a dog owner for the first time, you have a lot to learn.

The first thing is to find a good vet to take care of your four-legged friend, and learn everything you can about your puppy’s breed. It’s also advisable to get familiar with treatments for worms, lice, ticks and fleas, vaccines, healthy diet, teething…

puppy at his medical check

Also, keep in mind that your dog’s hygiene and grooming is entirely your responsibility. And for this, there are also many useful dogs supplies you should have, such as antibacterial pet wipes, shampoos, conditioners, sprays, combs, brushes, knots removers, nail clippers, dog dental care products and more.

Dog Toys Aren’t Just for Fun

It’s our responsibility to train our dogs, and fortunately, there are dog products just for this purpose. All dogs love playing with their humans, with other dogs, as well as alone. This is why toys can be helpful for many things. There are size and age-appropriate dog toys that can help you encourage good behaviour, protect your furniture and other items from being chewed, as well as help your dog overcome stressful situations.

dog and its toys

Our biggest problem with Bark was that he didn’t want to stay alone at home, and he would, well, bark a lot. There are many different types of stimulating interactive dog toys that can keep your dog interested and distracted for a long period. What worked best for us was a puzzle toy that dispenses healthy dog treats or dry dog food as a reward.

Toys like this require your dog to solve a puzzle so they get the treat, which is probably why they work so well. Furthermore, there are dog toys and other products that can help with the anxiety dogs feel during a storm. Thunders are in fact one of the most common problems dog parents encounter.