Replica Furniture: A Home Makeover Doesn’t Have to Break Your Bank

Unlike what we men are usually portrayed as, we too like living in homes that look nice, with a stylishly chosen interior décor that works well together. The thing is we don’t always have the time to pay attention to it as much unless some occasion demands it. Ever since flying off the nest of my parents, I’ve moved several times to apartments I could afford, so I didn’t exactly have the chance to be looking for something more aesthetically pleasing.
Now that I can say I am standing on my feet, time came to give my apartment a bit of makeover it deserved, particularly the cooking and eating area. Well, okay, the furniture looked like it was about to fall apart so you might say I was in a sticky spot. Not wanting to over-splurge with my kitchen purchase, I decided to give the choices of replica dining chair a chance. While elsewhere in the world you or the seller might get in trouble with violating certain laws, our country allows for the selling of replica furniture as long as it’s specified as such.


Having an open space kitchen together with the dining room, I required something that would be compact enough, yet still match the retro-like kitchen setting, so the replica dining chair I aimed for was either the Scandinavian (Norwegian, Danish) Edvard, or Arne Jacobsen’s Ant Chair. Both timeless designs, simple and eye-catching in their own ways, durable quality as the originals, created to be lightweight and manoeuvrable, but I eventually opted for the Ant Chair due to its compactness.

What I love about these chairs now is I don’t necessarily have to use them strictly in the dining area, because their unique classic design is so easy to blend in with my living room without causing a visual clutter stir, so they’re perfect as extra seating too when I have guests over for a visit. Occasionally I use them as my ottoman chairs as well, putting my feet up after a tiring day, because they’re that good! After being convinced on the quality of replica furniture, I’m inspired to continue with the makeover, and give more faux furniture pieces a try, such as the Sean Dix white dining table to pair it with the classy chairs.

I already see myself enjoying my morning coffee on that table, reading the magazine with the news of the day. What this makeover process has taught me is you can find the right balance of design you want, without affecting your budget greatly, and still get the outcome you were after.