How to Clear the Clutter and Organize Your Garage

I used to be one of those people who use their garage as a dumping ground, thus turning it into a place where you can find just about anything, from power tools and spare parts for the car to old wooden furniture and that broken refrigerator that I never found the time to fix. There was so much clutter that I no longer had enough space to use the garage for its actual purpose – to park my car. This was the moment I realized things are going to have to change and soon… However, prior to being able to enjoy the change, I had to work up quite a sweat and this is how it all went.

Remove, Throw & Wash the Floor

The first step to creating a clean garage space is to completely empty the space. After I did this, I had to shut up my inner hoarder and let the angels of minimalism do their thing. I simply threw away everything I suspected I’d never use. The “just in case” phrase no longer invades this space! Then I tackled the dirt and debris accumulated on the garage floor. I did this with the help of powerful electric pressure washers. These are practical cleaning tools that allow you to remove all kinds of tough floor stains, be that oil stains, grease or dirt, quickly and with little hassle. By combining water with compressed air, electric pressure washers can produce a powerful steam that not only removes tough oil stains, but also kills all the harmful bacteria, thus helping you create a safe and clean garage space.

Pressure Cleaning

Why, Hello There Storage Space

Lack of storage space is often the main reason why garages look cluttered and disorganized in the first place. The good news is that there are many methods you can use to maximize your garage storage space. I opted for baskets and boxes where and organized all the items in an almost OCD kind of way. I also created a practical shelving system on the wall where I arrange my car tools, garden equipment and other essentials. I managed to achieve this with just a few strips of plywood and a power drill. I screwed the timber strips on the wall, mounted the shelves on them and now I have a practical storage space that helps me maintain my garage well organized.

Labelled is the Arch Enemy of Lost

In addition to opting practical storage solutions, I made my life a lot easier by labelling all storage boxes, so that next time I have to get something, I don’t go into rage mode. I organised all of the items by type, in as many boxes as possible and then labelled them accordingly. Now I know exactly what I’ve stored in each and every box.

Hurray for the new organised me!