The Two Aspects That Unify a Dining Area

Whether used for formal gatherings or on an everyday basis, the design of the dining room shouldn’t be taken lightly. Dining rooms can ooze both class and comfort and make for many family and friends gatherings for the purpose of sharing delicious meals and even more delicious moments to remember.

The aspects that play the most important roles for creating a put-together, yet lively dining area look is light (also extends to colours) and the dining table itself. Trith be told, what a little sun can do, no wall colour, curtains or décor can replace, however, if you are not able to get enough brightness in this area naturally, consider adding some vibrant pops of colour. This can be achieved in the form of painting the walls or adding playful curtains that are sure to brighten up an otherwise ho-hum dining area.

If you aren’t sure which colours you should resort to for achieving this effect, you’ll need to get a little bit introspective and see which lively colours you are naturally drawn to. For this purpose you can use the technique of Thom Filicia in his show Dress My Nest, where he unveils people’s colour preference through analyzing three of their personal items. And remember, colour transcends style, so don’t resist the temptation to mix traditional furniture with bold patters and colours, should such desire arise.

Since while using this room everything (read everybody) revolves around the table, it’s almost a rule of thumb it should be quality sturdy and made of natural wooden material. Sleekness is yet another plus since it leaves more opportunity for adding personal touches through décor items.

A contemporary dinning table with clean lines and natural wooden build would be the foolproof pick, if you’re asking me, since it leaves you with the opportunity to either go with the style of yesterdays, or something more up-to-date. You can even change your mind twice a year, the contemporary dinning table won’t mind and will still fit the newly created atmosphere.

Apart from making sure it’s suitable for both a more traditional and modern setting, you’ll also need to take into account how many people will be using this area on a daily basis and how many people do you usually entertain for dinner. This is that one case when less isn’t more since not having the space to accommodate a guest can make for a somewhat uncomfortable situation.