Protein Supplements: The Key Ingredient to Muscles and Savoury Meals

While some people are prone to self-judging more than others, living in the modern day can turn even the most confident of individuals into their own biggest critics when it comes to their body image.

I was never that obsessed with my fitness, mostly because I didn’t have any weight issues worth to remember, but seeing all the celebrities, and even no-celebrities alike, with their body shots on the social networks time and time again, did manage to put some doubt in me.

high protein supplements 2

I have them to thank for welcoming high protein supplements into my life. I’ve heard a lot about these supplements before, the debates whether they are more beneficial or more harmful, yet it wasn’t until I enriched my diet with them that I actually saw the results.

Often associated with athletes, protein supplements, they are actually suitable for the rest of us too, willing to build up lean muscle mass. Along with the muscle buildup, they are helpful with speeding up the recovery process after exercises, as well as improve the immune system.

Let me tell you, I’ve tried a variety of exercises, since a change in diet alone doesn’t do the trick (you have to sweat it to reach the body goals!), but if you want to see some muscles, it’s time to give high protein supplements a try.

Today there’s no lack of protein supplements, which is why it’s even more important to pay attention to what you buy and what you consume. My priority was to find natural and clean protein sources because the last thing I needed was more unnecessary sugar, or worse, artificial sweeteners.

The ones that I use now are vegan friendly, and enriched with the much-needed amino acids for muscle mass, repair, and immune system improvement. What I found out once I started taking supplements is that I was also feeling fuller for longer. I used to be surprised how some people could prepare for a gym session only with a protein shake, but then it all added up.

The bonus I got, other than expected, were the different ways I could enrich my daily menu, as I found numerous recipes based on protein powder supplements .

Don’t get me wrong, I love my shakes, they’re quick and easy to prepare so I’m never getting tired of them, however I wouldn’t pass the chance to eat protein based oatmeal and pancakes anytime I can. Who knew the protein powder could be the secret ingredient to savoury meals. It seems like I got a new motto now: “Put some protein powder in it”!