For the Love of Winter and Skiing: The Accessories I Can’t Do Without

Now that preparations are under way for the summer season, I figured it’s the best time for me to start preparing for the winter season by having a look at my collection of equipment and accessories.

Hey, it’s snowing somewhere in the world, right? I might decide to hit the European slopes, haven’t made up my mind yet. As much as being a person who is always cold, I can’t remember when I despised winter.

There is something magical about seeing the layer of white cover the trees, rooftops, and streets. Getting to know skiing in my early childhood, I blame it on my parents for still being passionate about the sport, and winter itself, so I dedicate this post to ski love, and the different types of ski accessory I have.

Yes, the gear is important, because it’s supposed to keep you dry, warm, and safe from injuries, but accessories make the experience better and more fun. I find them to be the pieces that help personalise the ski outfits, starting from the headbands and beanies.

Now, I’m not saying I gave up on wearing a helmet, but getting to and from the ski terrains and resorts means I have the chance to do so fashionably, with the help of a colourful ski accessory. Besides, they also make the snow adventures warmer and more comfortable. Mittens are another winter fashion staple I can’t get enough of, and so are socks.

You don’t hear much about the importance of socks for skiing, but they happen to be crucial with keeping your feet dry, and I’ve learned it the hard way that cotton isn’t the best material when it comes to ski socks. After learning wool wicks moisture away faster, I only choose wool socks now. As much as synthetic fibres do the same, and dry quickly, I stick to natural.

Thinking of myself as the snow queen I am, anything is marked with the unique beauty of snowflakes. When I say anything I really mean anything, and I don’t care how cheesy you think it is; some women have all-things cats, I have all-things snow, like my favourite snowflake stud earrings and necklace that I wear in summer too.

Shirts, sweaters, pants, hoodies, leggings, and even notebooks, and waterproof bags, it’s all carefully chosen with winter patterns, so if it’s not the snowflake then it’s reindeer, Christmas trees, and decorations. Australian Christmas isn’t white, but I am dreaming of it at least.