My Favourite Women Summer Hats: From Heels To Flats

There is no doubt that fashion trends change so fast! It was like yesterday when we laughed at women summer hats like the fedora made of straws, and today, an outfit simply is not complete without one! And to prove me right, just look at what famous fashionistas were wearing at the Coachella Festival this year.

And just like any change that is joyful and thrilling, we grew so fond of women summer hats as the must-have accessory. Whether it is about a night out in high heels and a fancy outfit, a casual walk in the park, running around town, or looking fabulous while having a cup of coffee in a nice cafe, today hats have become stylish women’s favourite accessory. Needless to say, a good summer hat is not just an accessory you should not leave your closet without; it is a lifesaver in those days when your hair is against you, when sleepless nights can be seen in your eyes and when you simply need to hide your face expression from the world. Do not be confused: there is a hat for every situation.

A wide brim hat

Women summer hats collection is wide indeed, but if you’re aiming at making one of your own, you simply cannot and should not skip the wide brim hats category. It is the ultimate summer accessory and you can wear it with any outfit: whether you want to look elegant in a tailored suit and high heels, or you want to complete a long, mono-coloured dress and flats outfit. And the choice of colours, patterns and designs is so wide; just look at the Wanda wide brim hat by Condura: black and white base with neon coloured straps to break the monotony and add a boho tone to the entire vision.

A feminine western vibe

You guessed it right – it is made of straps. But before you reject this type of hat before even considering it, make a check-list for these style facts: it goes perfectly with everything white, it complements any otherwise boring outfit, and it can be worn with your summer hair and a swimsuit while sunbathing on the beach. It’s a multi-purpose hat.

The mighty fedora

Fedoras are so trendy this summer, especially the ones made of straws and a splash of colour in the form of a simple ribbon around it. Whether you are in for a night out in jeans and high heels looking all fancy, or just for a walk on the hot summer streets in your flats and shorts, a fedora is always a good choice for an accessory.

The boyfriend hat

Think that cute slouchy hat your boyfriend wears cannot make a good accessory for you? Stand in front of the mirror and think again. With this hat your jeans, shirt and flats outfit will be so complete you will be out and about in no time. Have in mind that the more distressed the hat is, the better.

A cloche hat

And that is not all, there is also a suitable hat for ladies who prefer the all-times feminine look: a knee-length dress, heels or flats, gorgeous curly hair and a red lipstick: the cloche hat. It fits the head perfectly well and can come in handy when you want your hair to stay in place ideally shaping your face.