How To Negotiate Removalists Quotes

Removalists quotes are everything that has simply gone wrong with the entire moving business. I mean, what happened to good old price lists? People were perfectly fine with asking what’s the price for this and that, until someone decided it’s only fair to start charging by hour, by effort, by number of boxes picked up and similar made up things. And these quotes can be high! You can literally feel like being slapped in the face when you hear what eventually you’ll need to pay the moving company. And just imagine the pain you’ll feel if, and that’s a giant ‘if’ – but still it’s there, the movers broke some of your valuables. Yup, you’ll be pissed, fire spitting and in a bad bood. So, one way to protect yourself from such unfortunate events, is to negotiate the removalists quotes.

A list of potential moving companies to hire

Every successful job starts with a good research of the what, where, who, how, when and how much in this case. Especially when you need to pay for stuff, knowing exactly what you’ll get for your money is crucial. So research the moving company market a little; which companies have the best reputation, the biggest client list, the most satisfied customers. Ask around, a first-hand experience is the best source of information. It is easy for people to share with other people what they liked and what they hated about the moving service. Once you hear all the necessities for deciding, choose at least three movers and implement the tight circle selection process. Get the quotes from those three and then you are ready to move to phase two.

The background check

As much as this sounds like some secret agency is doing a research on some dangerous criminal, this is a very useful technique. It’s fairest and it saves you money and time. So once you have chosen your three moving companies, dig a little on a few important features: who owns the company, how much workers in a team they have, do they own their own trucks? How do they charge? What is included in the price? Are there any discounts?

The moment of truth: Read and negotiate the fine print

The thing about fine print is that it often contains charging some things you expect to be free of charge. Such are:

  • the distance to your new home – the moving company may charge you extra if they spend more time than they expected to get your things to your new destination;
  • assembling some of the furniture;
  • if another smaller truck is used to carry the things the main one could not fit;
  • if there are too many stairs up and down;

Be smart enough and ask about all these ‘additional’ costs; if there are any, ask the mover to write them in the contract for safety reasons.

What if…?

Another important thing to pay attention to is that big IF we mentioned in the beginning; breaking something is an unfortunate event indeed, but if that happens, you need to be protected. Some companies do not have a clause of the kind, so you will need to ask the mover to put that in the contract too. You can negotiate this one; are you going to ask for 60 cents of every dollar reimbursement or more? Or maybe the full price? Whichever way you choose to go, get it in writing – it is your ultimate protection.