Invest in Your Health: Choose Your Bedding Carefully

Ah, well-being and the importance of sleep. It sounds easy, when saying getting the right amount of sleep per night (average of eight hours) is crucial for our health. We all know this but we don’t always think about it, so it’s more often than not that we spend nights tossing and turning. I would know, because that used to be my kind of typical night.

Now, while there’s the fact use of electronics has its share of disturbing sleep , there’s also the fact the mattress has its impact too. Deciding to make some ground-breaking healthy lifestyle changes, I couldn’t overlook my quality of sleep, and the first things I did were getting rid of electronics from my bedroom, as well as changing the old mattress for a new, super king natural latex mattress – it’s naturally hypoallergenic, thermoregulating, relieves pressure points, and surprises with durability – I needn’t say more!

super king quilt cover

As expected my quality of sleep significantly increased, until I figured there was one last change to be done: ditching my synthetic bedding, and acquiring the right set of bedding, from the super king quilt cover, and pillow covers, to the sheets, in the organic fabric. The lesser known fact is the type of fabric your bedding is made of also has its effects on sleep, and it took me some time to acknowledge it. I ended up carefully reading through the labels of the bedding products before purchasing, opting for 100% certified organic cotton.

The outcome, you ask? Far better than I could have imagined! Not only did I find the most versatile super king quilt cover, pillow covers, and sheets in terms of design, style, patterns, and colours, but of comfort too – the luxurious comfort that makes me feel like sleeping on clouds. It’s the kind of comfort one only finds in 5 star hotels. More so on the quality, the bedding’s got 1200 thread count which means it’s soft, and better wearing, and there’s also the more than welcome property of wrinkle-free technology incorporated, to make for minimal ironing.

I’ve realised that the choice of bedding is just as important as the choice of food, and the amount of exercise we have on a weekly or monthly basis. Opting for organic food products isn’t the only way you can take care of your health – you can do so by opting for organic bedding that doesn’t have the use of toxic chemicals in its production, the very chemicals that cause fatigue, as much as they do allergies, headaches, and even respiratory difficulties. Take it from me, carefully choosing the bedding is investing in your health!