The Trend of Bamboo: From Bedding, and Towels to All-Things Bamboo

When I set my eyes on a trend, I can’t help but make way for it in my life. In other words, I have as much shopping sprees as I can afford to, but I don’t just keep it to myself, and like to surprise loved ones with presents, making them join me in the trend too. Sharing is caring!

The latest trend I’m crazy about? All-things bamboo. It all started with the search for the ideal nursery bedding, then the mattress topper, which made me realise there’s so much more to bamboo than we give it credit. After acquiring the bedding for my bedroom too, I fell in love with organic bamboo towels – the towels that feel as good as they look.

Same as any of the organic bamboo fabric products, these towels are silky soft thanks to bamboo fibre’s soft texture meaning they’re ideal for people with sensitive skin, absorbent (3 to 4 times more absorbent than cotton), quick-drying, luxurious, and there’s no use of harsh toxins in their production so there’s no skin irritation.


The other property is organic bamboo towels are versatile at that, as there are plenty of choices in designs, as well as colours, so whether it’s baby’s towel you’re looking for, sports, beach, or bath, you can be sure you’d find just what you need.

Considering it’s a material that’s antibacterial, and resistant to mould, in the form of towels it’s perfect for the bathroom, the room with moist environment, then again the kitchen too, because unlike cotton, they are resistant to pilling, which means they are durable, and retain the sought-after comfort. They are reusable, easy to wash, and maintain, so it’s not difficult to see why I piled up on them in my home.

They’ve become my favourite kind of presents that I love to give, sharing the organic bamboo benefits with people I adore. It’s not surprising I’ve easily helped increase the number of organic bamboo fabric fans, and the more the better, remembering bamboo is one of the sustainable, eco-friendly materials. If our consumerism affects the planet, then why not buy prudently?

Of course, bedding, towels, mattress topper, and clothing are just some of the products you can buy, out of many, and the more bamboo you have, the more you’d be inspired to have, like the bamboo utensil set infinitely better than disposable utensils, and drinking straws, to sunglasses, and even keyboard and mouse sets.