Hassle-Free Relocation with Pets: Get the Help of Professionals

I find it amazing how we have the honour to share this planet of ours with animals. Their intelligence is so underestimated, as sometimes they are capable of showing to be more understanding than people. Since I’ve grown up in the company of cats, I can’t imagine my life without them; you might as well say I was born to be a catlady!

Knowing there are scientific benefits of being a cat owner  only makes my love for these animals grow further.

Pet Accommodation Melbourne

Having the constant companionship, cuddles, purring, and occasional play scratches from my mackerel tabby, Tiger, and my Russian blue, Duchess, you might as well say it’s a life filled with lots of love, fun, and loyalty, living in an everyday bliss from the peaceful petting and meowing routine. Things changed when our routine was interrupted all of a sudden as I found myself with the change of workplace, having to relocate from Melbourne to Sydney.

Of course it made things complicated, considering it wasn’t only me who was affected by this move, and yet it never made me question whether my cats were joining me in my new life or not – Tiger and Duchess are family, so there was no doubt they were relocating with me.

Finding the whole process to be rather stressful for me, and probably for them as well, I decided to leave it in the hands of pet relocation and pet accommodation Melbourne professionals, while I took care of home hunting, sorting, packing, and moving of the furnishings.

It was the best decision I could have made, since my cats got the full royal treatment. Apart from organising the whole itinerary, tailored specifically to my needs, professionals working with pet relocation and pet accommodation Melbourne round arranged safe boarding, making the bookings first, as well as providing the adequate airline approved carriers.

Since they are in the know of pet flight laws, upon my request, they also took care of veterinary services for me, along with arranging customs clearances, and delivery of my cats to their new home.

It was an investment that really paid off, having to see my Tiger and Duchess in full spirit as soon as they arrived safely to me. It saved me a great deal of time, effort, as well as money not having to do this on my own as an inexperienced mover which is why I recommend this to all pet owners who find themselves changing their whereabouts.