Set Your Eye on Kitchen Decoration: Pleasant Cooking and Eating Areas Make for Pleasant Cooking and Eating

Though we usually give our undivided attention to the living room when it comes to decorating (I’m guilty as charged), the kitchen is at the very heart of the home, and should be arranged just as meticulously. Think about it, apart from sleeping, most of our days are spent in cooking, and eating. More so if you love to binge on snacks while watching TV, or working, like me.



Now think again, where’s the joy of cooking and eating just for the sake of cooking and eating, when you can make the most of both by actually doing it all mindfully, enjoying every single ingredient, and every single bite; a revolutionary idea that would change your lifestyle – trust me, it works! That’s where the surroundings also help. This goes to show the kitchen is no longer solely a utility room, and could do with equal eye on the decoration.

A proper kitchen deserves proper lighting, as well as protection in terms of delicate wood flooring, and furnishings, so you have to get the adequate window covering that would give you the control you require over light. Considering it’s an area that’s bound to get pretty humid of all the cooking, you can’t go wrong by opting for venetians. They’re the ideal addition as they make the perfect fit with any style you might already have.

Based on the use of latest technology, you can find these blinds to be the affordable alternative to plantation shutters, and timber blinds, as they’re specifically designed to be durable, made of strong materials, like lightweight PVC, that won’t chip, or scratch, and you have plenty of options with colours. If you’re cooking with minding toddlers at the same time, good news is venetians were created with child safety in mind, as they are free of cords.

You may have noticed I mention cooking and eating together; it’s because I have the joy of having the kitchen and dining room together. It makes things so much simpler, and even when I entertain guests, I can stay in their company while I do the cooking. If you have separate rooms, you could always go for the open room concept, and just divide the two visually, with a stylish room divider.

When I say simpler, I don’t only mean cooking and serving wise, but also with decorating. You’d have plenty of space to bring some life into the area with the addition of a fireplace – I did, and couldn’t be happier with the result, the area has turned that much warmer even in the summer days when fire is out.

Don’t be afraid to go for warm colours as the base for the area, as they have their role in making for a pleasant atmosphere too. White is always the new black, especially when it’s paired with elements in brass, like a cabinetry with brass handles – it immediately gives the space a sense of elegance, grandeur. The dining table and chairs can provide the same effect, especially when paired with an intricate lighting fixture.

A word of advice is not to forget to keep it all organised. If you don’t have all the wanted space for cupboards, and counters, you can always go for multi-purpose elements, like a cooktop doubling as a countertop. Find other ideas to organise the kitchen and remember, there’s no joy when there’s clutter around.