How to Save Money on Cleaning Supplies

Spring is finally here, and with it comes the tradition of spring cleaning. As the weather begins to turn warmer, many of you will get the itch to clean your home spick and span. For me, this itch seems to be present all the time, regardless what season it is. And what I’ve noticed is that cleaning can end up costing you quite a lot. Just do the math next time you visit a store to shop supplies for cleaning, and you’ll notice that you’re spending way more than you should. Since we’re all trying to cut back on our expenses, it’s good to know some ways you can reduce the amount of money you spend on cleaning products.

Simplify Your Supplies

Taking the less is more approach when buying supplies for cleaning will always prevent you from spending too much.

In my experience, all the supplies an average household needs are: dish soap, window cleaner, bleach and an all-purpose antibacterial cleaner. Once you start implementing this scheme you’ll notice how easy, cheap, and effective it is. You can use the dish soap for cleaning almost everything around the kitchen, whereas the window cleaner can be applied to all glass surfaces, whether it’s a coffee table or glass cabinet.

Of course, the traditional chlorine bleach is essential for your laundry, but did you know it can also effectively get rid of mould? And my favourite – the all purpose antibacterial cleaner. I use it literally everywhere around the house from the kitchen to the living room, bedroom, and bathroom. Just make sure you check the label for any VOCs which might affect delicate skin.

Think Double Duty

Supplies For Cleaning

Nowadays there’s a cleaner for everything. If you buy every specialty cleaner there is, your cupboards will be overflowing and your bank account empty. That’s why you should stick to the basics and save specialty cleaners for those really tough jobs. The truth is, many of these specialty products can be used for other purposes besides the one they’re advertised for, so always think double duty. For example, I have found that the Truck Wash I use to clean mud and grime from my Jeep is also highly effective for scrubbing my garden tools free from dirt.

Buy in Bulk

Buying supplies for cleaning in bulk is the one of best decisions you can make. Not only will it save you the regular trips to the store, but many suppliers offer discounts when buying 3 pieces or more. For instance, I buy 5 tubes of all-purpose cleaner at once which means I won’t have to purchase again for at least a year. Moreover, the online store I shop at charges a bulk price which is 10 percent less than the price of buying a single tube.

Consider Unusual Alternatives

If you listen to my grandma, she’d have you toss out all cleaners and replace them with vinegar. For years the woman has been scrubbing her kitchen counter spotless using the thing. I’ve tried it out of sheer curiosity and I must say it works! That is, if you don’t mind the smell. But I personally tend to rely on baking soda quite a lot. It is a mild abrasive which can be used for scrubbing dried out stains and removing unpleasant odours from shoes or the refrigerator. There are also plenty of other ways you can use soda around the home and save a few dollars on cleaning products.