Gin Hampers: A Unique Gift For Your Loved Ones

I’m someone who firmly believes that gifts are not good unless they’re personalized and highly related to the person you’re giving them to. There’s just something about a well thought out gift that’s so intimate and precious that I can’t make myself give anyone just any old thing. 

If you’re anything like me you’ll understand what I mean by this and the struggles that may come along the way. Quality giftable items are a rarity nowadays, with mass production being in full swing and all that, so it’s really hard to find that perfect gift for someone by just looking around.

You actually have to put a lot of time and energy into literally discovering a place or item that you can gift to your special person, so imagine my excitement when I ran into gift hampers. They’ve been around for ages, of course, but I have only now realized the potential they have, especially if you look at smaller businesses instead of huge chains. 

The last gift I had to get was for someone who enjoys gin a lot and being a gin lover myself I immediately thought of making a gin hamper. Turns out, gin hamper sets are a thing and they’re actually quite great! Here are a few reasons why I loved them and why I think everybody should know about this unique twist on the classic gift basket idea. 

Wide Choice of Gin

gin hamper set

When I stumbled upon these gin hampers I was quite excited. Usually, I make my very own hampers and gift them, but this time I ran into a premade gin hamper set that still let me take control over my gift and really make it my own. 

The first thing that caught my eye was the fact that I could actually choose the gin I’d like to include. My friends are quite the gin lovers and each of them has their own favourite type, so being able to browse through different kinds of gin and get the one that they really like felt like a blessing. 

I usually spend a bunch of time online or going through stores to find a bottle of the exact gin I’d like to put in my gin gift basket, but this time I was able to do all that with just a couple of scrolls and a click. 

The great thing is that these hampers aren’t limited to gin only. There is a whole variety of alcoholic beverages you can choose from and make a gift hamper with, so if your friends or family aren’t into gin specifically you can still order a hamper that’s going to be made just for them and their taste!

There are quite a few drinks you can choose from, so don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll find something that suits the person you have in mind, whether they’re into hard liquor or something sweet, like cocktail mixes. 

Choice of Additions 

gin hamper set

A gin gift hamper or a whiskey gift hamper or a cocktail gift hamper isn’t really a gift hamper without some additions to come along and sweeten the deal. 

Candles are one idea that is a timeless classic and will always go excellently well with an alcoholic beverage, especially if you’re shopping for a woman or a modern urban man. Candles are a great gift by themselves, but once paired with a couple of other items make the whole package all the more intimate and fancy. Bonus points if the candle is responsibly sourced and manufactured. Caring for the environment is always cool.

Another item on the classics list are glasses. Choosing a couple of fancy glasses to add to your gift basket is a great way to round a gift up and really make it functional and completely themed. Never get only one glass, buy a pair instead. It makes the whole hamper look much more balanced. Besides, nobody really likes to drink alone! 

If you want to put a little spin on the classics you can go with a book, some flowers, favourite chocolates, or anything else your friend might be into. Remember that you can actually combine things, so don’t stick to just one or two items. If the premade hamper includes a candle only you can always add things to it to give it that personalized mark. 

Great Packaging 

gin hamper set

I’m a big fan of packing my own gifts and gift hampers, but the premade gin hamper I ordered allowed me to choose my own packaging and it was actually really great. 

They had a whole array of different messages you can put on a card and also packaged the hamper really nicely, with a touch of class and colours that really complemented each other. I always appreciate a nicely packaged gift, so I was stoked to see the end result. 

Of course, if you’re planning on adding other things to your premade hamper you’re going to have to work around the packaging, or just add the package itself into another hamper, creating a hamper within a hamper and doubling the love. 

I ended up doing the latter and the whole gin hamper set turned out to be quite a great gift! My friend was in love at first sight, I was happy that I managed to give them a cute and personalized gift, and we all had a great time together, sipping on that quality gin I chose. 

All in all, I’d highly recommend you give gift hampers a thought next time you’re thinking of buying someone a gift. They’re a sweet little surprise and a step out of the ordinary that will not go unnoticed or unappreciated.