Get Luxury Bean Bags and Find Out What Comfort is All About

As 2020 caught us off guard with the pandemic and the measures, and we found ourselves stuck in our homes for days, weeks, and months, it challenged us in more ways than we could have imagined. For me it was finding the way to spend hours and hours on end under the same roof with my kids and my husband without bickering.


The key component to making the most of our time together, while also using the same space for work, recreation, entertainment, and eating, turned out to be comfort. As it was difficult to come up with the ideal solution that would turn the abode into a multi-functional one, without breaking our bank, I felt I was stuck in a rut with ideas at the beginning of the pandemic.

That was until my husband suggested we compartmentalised the interior. Considering one thing leads to another, right after planning on how to best go about this, we ended up on the quest for the super comfortable, aesthetic and luxury bean bag for each room to divide the space without actually dividing it.

While at first we weren’t keen on opting for changes with the interior décor that involved spending money, after doing the math and working through the benefits from bean bags, we agreed it was more than desirable change at home. How have bean bags benefited us since we welcomed them in our abode, you ask? Well, here’s how!

They Help Create Cosy Spots


As I mentioned, comfort became imperative for us as a family over 2020, more so considering we have the open floor concept for over a couple of years. Advantageous as it is, and popular as it’s become recently, it didn’t work that much in favour for us during lockdowns since we all needed to have our own spots where we could unwind and relax on our own for a while.

Don’t get me wrong, we enjoy spending time together in each other’s company, but there are times everyone requires their own space. Getting a luxury bean bag for each of us was the best purchase we’ve done as of late, and it was all money well spent.

The versatile type of furniture it is, it’s suitable for all kinds of environment, so for me it became the crucial home office comfort piece, whereas for my husband it was the key ingredient for enhancing the guest room, a.k.a. his man cave, where he could watch all the sports matches in peace.

And for our kids, the bean bags were so much more than sitting pieces – so far, they’ve used them for napping as well as playing video games on them, besides as seating for their homework area/reading nook.

They Improve Poor Posture


For a person who’s no stranger to slouching, I know exactly how painful and detrimental poor posture can be. As I’ve had my share of shoulder braces to reduce body aches, I’ve also realised over the years how bad traditional furniture can be for back health. Considering it’s stiff, unlike the fluid bags, it doesn’t properly align the body.

The great news is the luxury bean bags are created to contour to the body no matter what position you’re sitting at, providing utmost support thus preventing aches and pains. As soon as you sit on your precious bean bag, you can wave neck and shoulder tension, plus hip and lower spine pressure goodbye.

This goes out to you too, pregnant and nursing mommas – if you don’t have rocking chairs, or don’t like using them, get yourselves bean bags. You won’t regret feeling like you’re sitting in a soothing embrace!

Choosing the Ideal Bean Bag

The first thing you’re going to stumble upon when shopping for bean bags is just how versatile they are. Same as your regular furniture pieces, they’re available in a vast array of designs, so be sure to know what you’re up for.


First and foremost, focus on the size. Based on where you intend to use the luxury bean bag, and who’s going to be using it, you can determine the ideal measurements. If you’re looking for the one that would be used by many family members who differ in size and weight, it’s best to buy an oversized one.

In case you’re looking for that piece that would turn out to be multi-purpose, my suggestion is to buy a modular lounge bean set – just as comfortable, yet more spacious. If your space allows it, there are those that come with matching ottomans too so your feet could benefit as well.

Colour and Fabric


Same as when shopping for any furnishing, it’s advisable to consider the colour to be sure it’s appropriate within the interior décor you already have. Those looking for something accentuating that would grab the attention could go for colours that are contrasting from the rest. Whereas those in search of seamless outcome should go for shades that are similar to other furnishings.

As for the fabric, it’s a feature that has a say in how durable the bags are going to be, as much as how easy it would be for you to clean and maintain them, so it isn’t something to be overlooked; this is crucial both for indoor and outdoor bean bags. If you ask me, you get a nice mix of durable materials with polyester and acrylic. Though regardless of how strong they are, to ensure longevity you must abide by the care instructions on the label.