Focus Mitt Training: The Benefits and Different Types of Mitts

Focus mitt training is one of the best ways for fighters to improve their fighting reflex, punching technique, defense technique, and fighting strategy. It’s not just an effective physical workout, but also an intellectually stimulating exercise. If you’ve decided to implement mitt training into your workout regime, you’ve probably realized by now that you need a pair of focus pads.

On your quest to buy focus pads, you’ll come across three different types that are divided into three different categories based on the type of training they’re meant for. These three types include fitness/general purpose pads, professional boxing pads, and specialist safety pads. Fitness and general purpose pads are used for mass class training, and they’re easy to slip on and off. They’re lightweight, but they still offer decent protection against punches. Specialist safety pads are designed for maximum protection. And professional boxing pads are for training with people who can throw a punch. Their main focus is on protecting your wrist and significantly cushioning the blows.

focus pads

Once you’ve decided what you want to use the focus pads on, you can make your choice and expect quick improvements in your fighting technique. They can help you improve your punching skills, endurance, technique, power, timing, and accuracy; your defensive skills like blocking, rolling and slipping; improve your movement against a live person including counter-punching, footwork, mimicking styles and strategy, and your offensive combinations and angles.

That being said, mitt training is the best realistic fighting practice you can get next to sparring. It allows you to practice realistic techniques and combinations without actually fighting. It’s a great way to get feedback right on the spot as you practice, both offensively and defensively. Moreover, you get the opportunity to practice and mimic specific fighting styles. This makes mitt training not only challenging but also incredibly fun, especially when done with an experienced mitt trainer who’s active and frequently tests your defence skills.

Once you buy focus pads and put them to good use, you will realize that mitt training requires a lot of energy, mental focus, and coordination, so you’ll find it harder to slack off and be lazy once you’ve felt its awesome benefits. You can choose the intensity of your training, meaning you’ll never get bored, and you’ll always have room for improvement and growth as a fighter. There are plenty of videos and tutorials online about mitt boxing, so make sure to update your knowledge every now and then with some new training ideas.