Going Bush: Essentials for Outdoor Adventures

Stress in the modern life is inevitable and while we get the impression it’s always bad, sometimes it’s even beneficial for our health as weird as it sounds, but when you’re having too much of it every day, that’s when you know you have a problem.

It’s advisable for every person to have that activity they love doing to be able to unwind and ease off the stress, and mine happens to be going bush. Since Australia has plenty of bush to offer, there’s always something new to discover so I make sure to plan well ahead and have all the outdoor supplies from trusted suppliers required for safe adventures.

Though it’s true, you gain experience as you go, when you’re in the middle of the wilderness things can easily go wrong, which is why I don’t prefer going on my own and when I do I let family and friends know – no secrets!

Speaking of supplies, other than getting as much water as possible, torches have become my best allies. While I prefer the headtorches, so as to have my hands free, preparing campfire, spelunking or climbing up rocky paths, I also bring along torches just in case.

They come in handy particularly in the really hot days when exploring is done best in the cooler hours of the day, as a way to preserve my hydration and energy. What camping off road has taught me is how to grow to love rechargeable batteries instead of disposable; not only is it cost-efficient, it’s sustainable, lasts much longer, and doesn’t harm the environment as the disposable option.

Outdoor Supplies (1)

Same as lighting, tools have become more than essential outdoor supplies to me and most of the time I find uses for them in ways I didn’t think possible, so if you want an advice from me it’s that you should always carry a multi-tool with you. They’re compact, affordable and if you choose one like the Leatherman Signal, they can save you in emergencies too.

Another must is having everything insulated from cups to containers to keep water and food fresh, as for clothing weatherproof are the properties to go for, both for the harsh summer and winter days, and comfortable sturdy shoes for the roughest of terrains.

Last but not least, regardless of your adventure style, whether you go with an off-road vehicle, prefer backpacking, safety kits are a must, recovery and first aid to be specific. I don’t go anywhere without mine!