For the Love of Horses: A Bit of TCL Goes a Long Way

If you are looking for the hobby that lasts a lifetime, my suggestion is to give horseback riding a try; trust me, you won’t regret it. Along with the physical benefits, like improving coordination, core strength and toning the muscles, it’s also therapeutic for the mind, providing the much needed relaxation in a lifestyle of daily stress, and it helps you create a special bond with animals.

Having the love for horses, since I can remember, I learned a great deal, not just about equestrian apparel , but about horses too.


I’ve always been fascinated by their gracefulness, despite their size, and I’ve let that be my example in staying graceful myself. Another fact is, they are also easily scared, so you have to earn their trust patiently. As soon as you do, you can count on plenty of love, of course by trying to win the horse’s heart through snacks and grooming.

It’s all about the care, starting from something as basic as protecting the hooves with durable overreach boots for horses, with ultrashock lining feature to absorb the energy from overreaching at the vital hoof areas, to brushing the body with special brushes, combing the mane and tail.

It might seem like a lot of work, when compared to taking care of a cat for example, but the process of care itself strengthens the bond between you and the horse, and there’s nothing more rewarding than seeing you’ve earned its trust.

Besides, it’s beneficial for the horse’s health too, considering grooming leads to improved blood circulation and stimulates the releasing of natural oils essential for own protection from the weather.

What I’m grateful for being in the company of horses over the years is they also taught me how to appreciate the outdoors more; I’m sure mud isn’t a person’s usual idea of fun, okay for kids maybe it is, but along with having some laugh with a muddy horse and not fretting mud stains or germs, remember it’s part of a horse’s natural grooming, so overreach boots for horses, brushes and combs aren’t the only means to care.

As for the treats, we’ve seen it everywhere, horses love sugar cubes, but when it comes to the healthy snacks, fruits and veggies are the best. Treat your horse to some carrots, apples and banana, and look for a commercial horse snack full of vitamins and minerals. A little snack goes a long way!