Fire Tool Sets: More Than Functional Pieces for the Hearth and Home

When present, the fireplace is the central feature of any room. As such, it’s the perfect piece for injecting the interior with much-needed warmth, both literally and figuratively. It also serves as the perfect gathering spot for a family during film time, playing board games, or even storytelling like in the old days.

As I mentioned in a previous blog post, I have a non-working fireplace that is just as effective at creating a magical ambience as the real thing. The reason we don’t need the actual one is that winters aren’t that cold, and after a thorough thermal investigation, we can do with our home’s insulation boosts from the adequately chosen blinds, floors, carpets, and heater.

Still, to make it look like a traditional fireplace, I count on some tricks to achieve the result and fool some of our friends and family. Some of the latest additions to the “styling my non-working fireplace” collection are functional and complete fire poker sets that are as practical as they’re stylish.

Much like the logs, they capture the essence of a hearth, which is one of the reasons I like them as décor elements. Regardless of whether you’re shopping for sets to use or, like me, you need them to serve their aesthetic purpose, here are some of the essential aspects you’d have to look into when going through the endless options.


Fire poker sets

It may not seem all too important, but it is. In terms of functionality, getting the appropriate size of the fire poker sets means you get fire tools that are fit for maintaining the fire in the adequate depth for the fireplace.

In terms of aesthetics, to make the non-working fireplace seem working and at the same time keep things harmonious, it’s best to buy small tools if it’s compact. Buying too big isn’t too big of a problem, however, so you’re free to upgrade if you prefer bigger and bulkier sets as they’re not for use anyway.


Strictly speaking from the decorating point of view, I find it most useful to consider the rest of the room’s hardware and metals when shopping to get a coordinated and put-together look. For instance, I have a non-working fireplace in the living room, the same place where I have side tables, a bookcase, and shelving, so I considered their hardware pieces, the material in particular, before carrying out the shopping.

It’s also helpful if you keep the doors and windows in mind. Durable and strong metals such as wrought iron and steel that are easy to use in a fire are some of the most common materials for a fire tool set. If you want something more stylish, consider brass, which has an ornate and vintage appearance.

Additionally, there are combination tools made of more than one material, such as those bamboo handles. If you decide to go with this, think about how it would blend in with the other wood décor elements. Even if it doesn’t, you might still end up making your own blend that gives the interior a unique touch.


Fire Poker Set

Although they are fire tools first and foremost, these pieces have a decorative role as well, especially if we consider the range of styles they can be found in. From the minimalist and modern sets that lack ornamentation to the more ornate fire poker sets in art deco and baroque styles, the choices are endless. Again, considering the rest of your hardware to do some matching for a cohesive look or creating your eclectic bundle mixing different styles will help.

When we consider that there are several pokers, tongs, and shovels with various tips, hooks, and hinges, the shapes can also be of help. In terms of aesthetics, you can select those that look the most like the hardware currently in your home, but in terms of functionality, you must pick the option that will keep the fire going and the fireplace clean.


This is yet another item that can improve the appearance of the fireplace and the space in question. You can either hang each tool on the sides of the mantle or on a wall next to it, or you can put them in a designated horizontal or upright storage, depending on how you plan to use the fireplace and whether there is enough storage space around it.

All three options appeal to me since they each enhance the hearth’s already endearing charm. I have both the horizontal and upright storage, which are also of metals that blend with the metals of the toolsets because I believed I might utilise all three when I feel the need for some alteration in this specific region of the house.