Dog Grooming Dryer: What to Consider When Choosing One

As a dog grooming professional, the choice of dryer should be your main priority. From reducing drying time to keeping the pet comfortable, the right drying tool can make a world of difference in the grooming process. 

However, choosing the right finishing dryer is easier said than done. In the grooming business, there’s no one-size-fits-all alternative. Here’s what you should look for when buying a dog grooming dryer.

Types of Dog Finishing Dryers 

dog finishing dryer

First and foremost, getting to know the different dog finishing dryer types available will help you narrow down your choices.

Forced Air Dryers 

This is the type of dryer professional groomers generally choose. It features a powerful motor that blasts high-speed air onto the coat of the dog, effectively removing water and loose, fluffed hair. 

Forced air dryers don’t come with auxiliary heaters or heating components, so they are considered safer for dogs with delicate coats or sensitive skin. Their reputation for reliability and safety makes them a sought-after product. They are quite effective at removing water from both the outer and inner coats of the dog. 

Stand Dryers 

Stand dog finishing dryer designs include an adjustable platform that secures the dryer in place, enabling the user to brush and style a dog’s coat with both hands during the drying process. Usually equipped with adjustable temperature settings, these dryers prevent overheating and suit various kinds of coats.

A stand dryer’s adjustable height and angle allow you to brush or comb a dog and soothe it if necessary. Moreover, stand dryers are more portable, which allows you to change the dryer’s direction without having to move the dog.  

Cage Dryers 

Consider using a cage dryer if you need to dry many dogs at once, or space is limited in your salon. These dryers, as their name implies, are made to fasten to a cage or crate so that you can operate them without using your hands. Although they’re not as powerful as the previous dryers, their mild airflow makes them ideal for dogs who are anxious or stressed out. 

This type of dryer, however, isn’t considered safe. A dog in a cage that is still drying out must be monitored. Otherwise, it may get overheated if left alone for an extended period. 

Handheld Dryers

Handheld dog grooming finishing dryer designs look like actual hair dryers, but they differ in the fact they’re designed for pet grooming purposes. They are portable, lightweight, and frequently have many attachments for adjusting the volume and strength of the airflow. As they are not as strong as the other types, they are better suited for smaller breeds or for taking care of a puppy at home.


Make sure the dryer you choose is made from a durable material able to stand the test of time. You won’t want to be replacing your dryer every couple of years. To avoid that, stay away from inexpensive metallic dryers as they are prone to rust. Additionally, because they tend to be less insulated and amplify the sound of the motor, they may cause your dog to get agitated and anxious when being groomed.

Furthermore, it should be impact-resistant. This will ensure that your dryer will remain intact even if anything heavy falls on it or if it escapes your grasp. So, avoid using dryers made of flimsy plastic since they are prone to breaking.


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The dryer’s speed is another important consideration. A variable-speed dryer is something you should consider if you work with different dog breeds. If you just have one breed, then go with a single-speed dryer. It is important to take into account the fluctuations in the fur coat’s length. To do the task without hurting your pets, look for a dryer with variable speed.

Keep in mind that purchasing dryers with adjustable speeds is usually the best choice. When running at a low speed, most of them are silent which helps to calm pets. As you dry the dog, you can also increase the speed if you find it necessary. It is difficult for your dog to maintain a healthy, glossy coat when their fur is not completely dry. This also makes them vulnerable to a few different ailments.


The nozzle plays an important part in how the dryer works. Excessive heat or high air pressure might shatter the nozzle. For this reason, you should spend money on a high-quality nozzle to avoid having to replace it frequently. Dog dryers are prone to damage since they are used for prolonged periods. This is why choosing one constructed of high-quality materials is important.

Noise Level 

There isn’t a completely silent dryer. Nonetheless, the majority of manufacturers have made an effort to guarantee that the air dryer produces as little noise as possible so that dogs won’t run away when it’s operating.

To muffle the noise, reliable manufacturers use the right technologies. So, look for a dog dryer that features cutting-edge silencing technology. This will ensure that the dryer produces less noise, making the dog feel at ease when drying off. Also, consider reading reviews to find out which brands are the finest and what makes their products stand out.