Dark, Edgy, and Bold: The Ultimate Guide to Men’s Gothic Style

Being a goth is all about being yourself and challenging conventional assumptions and expectations. This means that there are numerous methods to personalise a gothic look based on your preferences. 

That being said, there are a few broad principles you may follow to ensure your style is in with the goth aesthetic. Stick to black attire, choose a hairdo that suits you, and add the appropriate goth accessories to complete your outfit.

Wear Dark Tops With Minimal Designs

Gothic T-Shirt
source: refined.club

When it comes to the essential pieces of men’s gothic clothing, black is the way to go. Choose shirts and tees with few features and graphic designs. If you think you can pull it off, buy shirts that are a touch tighter. When wearing a collared shirt, button it up as far as you can comfortably. Stick to Gothic or Post-Punk bands and spooky or dark imagery, such as goat heads, bats and skulls if you’re going to wear a shirt with emblems or patterns on it.

Casual goths are people who wear a lot of T-shirts and enjoy comfy attire. More ornate attire can be worn by romantic, steampunk, and vampire goths such as ruffled shirts, flowy tops, or lace details. Other alternatives are fishnet tops and outfits inspired by romantic poets or vamp subculture. 

Go For Dark and Well-Fit Jeans or Pants

Stick to leather or black denim pants when it comes to pants. Wear pants that fit snugly around your hamstrings and thighs, and never allow them to fall below your beltline. If you want something more dressed up, search for pants with zippers or lace embellishments where the pockets and seams should be. You can always dark-wash jeans to turn them darker.

If you’re going to wear shorts, aim for ripped jeans that end at the knee. If you’re looking for cyber goth variations of the subculture, baggy pants with a lot of chains and belts can also work. However, try to avoid athletic shorts as they don’t fit with any aspect of the goth aesthetic. Look for pieces with leather details, chain studding, contrasting fabric, or anything else that makes them stand out.

Stick With Black Boots or Black Sneakers

If you want lighter footwear, stick to black Vans or Converse sneakers. However, in general, the goth look necessitates the use of footwear. Dr Martens and New Rock boots fit the goth style because they employ black leather, a lot of straps, and thick soles which are all part of the staple look in men’s gothic clothing.

Cybergoths and vampire goths often wear just thick-soled boots with numerous straps. Goth attire should include boots, creepers, and winklepickers. Being a goth is all about being daring. Avoid dad shoes and renowned brands with bright colours in their designs. When considering a pair of sneakers, consider whether a non-goth might pull them off. 

Choose Leather Jackets or Trench Coats in the Colder Seasons

Leather Jacket
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Leather jackets with several zippers, spikes, or straps complement the gothic appearance well. Trench coats are another choice if you prefer the Victorian aesthetic of goth. Again, whenever possible, use black.

 If you like the Romantic goth look, a tailcoat with a ruffle shirt can look great. Pinstripe blazers and wool overcoats can work if you’re going to a formal gathering or dinner.

Invest in Black Hoodies If You’re a Mall or Emo Goth

In the fall and early spring, mall and emo goths wear black hoodies. Purchase a cosy hoodie, preferably in all black. This is the one large item in an emo or mall goth’s wardrobe. If you want one with a design, music band names, logos, or occult imagery are all good options. A “Thrasher” hoodie is a great pick if you like punk goth or skater styles. However, it’s noteworthy that baggy hoodies are never worn by cyber, romantic, or vampire goths.

Add Some Funky Hair Colour Into the Mix

Black hair is required for a basic goth style, although there are various possibilities based on your preferences. If you’re like steampunk, a light brown or blonde hair colour can look great. Fluorescent greens and vibrant pinks will stick out wonderfully for cybergoths. You can choose not to dye your hair at all if you like, especially if it is already a dark brown or black colour.

If you are unable to dye your hair due to your job, school, or your parents, try purchasing a temporary dye for significant nights out with your pals. Hair chalk, spray colour, and Kool-Aid are all simple ways to temporarily dye your hair.

Don’t Forget to Accessorise

Get yourself some wallet chains, studded bracelets, and chokers as the essential staples of goth clothing for men. Wallet chains provide a vintage touch to goth attire, particularly in a rockabilly-inspired setting. If you feel like you could use some more accessories, studded or leather wristbands are an easy way to accessorise. If you’re going to wear a necklace, go for chokers and thick necklaces with bold symbolism. Romantic goths frequently wear many large, ornamental rings.

If you’re on a tight budget, invest in some safety pins! They can be readily clipped through frayed clothing items to give them a new lease on life, and they can even be worn as earrings. Goths don’t typically wear timepieces, but if you do, there are lots of watches with studs, spikes, or goth-inspired designs.