Chic Ways to Beautify Your Backyard

If your outdoor space is screaming for a change and you are ready to make a big one, in addition to changing the furniture you can do something else. Installing a hot tub, investing in new and appealing planters and creating a breathtaking pathway are some of the ideas that can help you turn your backyard from drab to fab. Besides having the power to instantly transform the look of your outdoor space, you’ll be able to feel a lot of benefits for your physical and mental health thanks to these changes. 

Install an Outdoor Hot Tub

In fact, this was one of the things I have decided to take advantage of first, and I don’t regret it at all. Besides being able to soak in it, relax and just escape from reality at least for a while, it seems that owning a hot tub spa can provide you with numerous health benefits.

Stress Relief

Well, this might be one of the most obvious benefits, but it’s also quite an important one since almost every physical and mental problem we have is related to some kind of stress. And getting a hot tub spa to lounge in can ease the tension and relieve any kind of stress you might be feeling, even if it’s emotional. Thanks to the warm water and the jets, you will get a gentle massage that can soothe your mind, body, and soul within minutes while enjoying the outdoors and the sunny or starry sky. 

You can spice up all of this with some soft music and candle lights. Just perfect! In case you’re wondering how hot should a hot tub be, their temperature range can go as low as 26°C and as high as 40 °C, so it really depends on your preferences. 

Pain Relief

It has been said that warm water can do wonders to our body, even if just soaking in it. Thanks to the constantly warm water and massaging jets, a spa pool of this kind will help you relieve any tense muscles and joints. Personally, I find it quite helpful with my neck stiffness that is caused by sitting in front of the computer for at least eight hours per day (sometimes more).

Additionally, practice shows that a spa can also help those of you who have chronic problems such as arthritis. Thanks to the warm water and heat, you can ease any stiffness and inflammation in your body that causes you pain. This can certainly improve your daily activity which is of vital importance for people with arthritis.

Muscle Relaxation

Soaking in your hot spa can relieve any muscle soreness you might be feeling. Personally, I find it quite helpful after a hard leg and arms workout as it helps me soothe the tight and tense muscles. Besides using it after working out, it is also believed that soaking in it before exercising might reduce the risk of injury. It’s worth trying, right?!

There are a lot more benefits of investing in this relaxing pool. For instance, soaking in a spa pool can improve your sleep and cardiovascular health by increasing the heart rate and lowering your blood pressure and even help you burn some calories.

One of the most crucial things to have in mind if you want to get the best of your hot tub is cleaning it regularly and properly

Install Modern Self-Watering Planters

Considering the fact that we are living in a fast-paced world, making our homes as low maintenance as possible is key to having a peaceful life. Even when it comes to plants. Instead of using the traditional types of planters, you can think of installing self-watering planters. With these self watering plants boxes you can prevent your greenery from overwatering or drying them out. Sounds great, right?!

The thing that makes these planters different from the traditional ones is that they store water in a basin/tray located beneath the roots. That way, it’s impossible for the plant roots to get soaked in water and rot over time. Thanks to the built-in reservoir and amazing watering system, the stylish self watering plants pots on the market can deliver just the needed amount of water for the plants anytime they need. This will lead to having healthy, thriving and breathtaking plants that are impossible to rot or dry. And because of the water reservoir, you can literally forget about watering your plants for at least two weeks.

You also won’t have to worry about losing soil nutrients with these planters since they reuse the water over and over until there is none left. Ranging in sizes, these planters are great for growing literally anything you want from flowers to herbs, houseplants, fruit, veggie – you name it! 

On top of that, the modern and sleek design promises to take your backyard to the next level. Although I have only one planter of this kind in my garden, I also have two mini versions of it, placed next to my sink in the kitchen. Since I’m a huge fan of spices, I planted basil and thyme, so I can use them fresh in my meals and salads. Next spring I’m planning on investing in several more for my garden (this time the bigger versions), so I can use them for both flowers and herbs.

Create a Stone Path

Another thing you can do to elevate the look of your backyard is to build a stone path. Depending on the free space, you can create a beautiful and breathtaking stone path from your house to the backyard or hot tub. In order to make everything look more magical and dazzling, you can add small solar lights throughout the path, or candle jars. This will certainly improve the look of your backyard while allowing you to enjoy it while soaking in the tub.