A Bliss Not to Miss: Popular Christian Movies

Christian movies are a great source of knowledge and inspiration. There is a myriad of Christian-inspired movies out there which speaks tons of the popularity of this genre. In fact, 2014 was declared the year of Christian movies in Hollywood. However, the big quantity of movies does not guarantee quality for each one of them.

But in order to choose a good movie to watch, you should know how to distinguish between bad theology and real Christian movie that is worth your time. In other words, a movie that is worth watching is both entertaining and educational. High-budget movies does not necessarily imply that they are good; most of them are made for commercial purposes. On the other hand, the movies that do not break the box office records are usually more realistic and share real and meaningful stories.

Personally, I am very picky when it comes to choosing a Christian movie to watch. Therefore, before choosing one I always read reviews, a lot a reviews. Thus, to make this search easier, I have compiled a list of five movies that every Christian should include in the movies-to-watch list. Read on to learn what makes these movies worth your time.

1. Holy Ghost Reborn


I will start from the last movie I bought online, Holy Ghost Reborn. It is directed by Darren Wilson – the movie director who is known for his never-ending quest for evidences to reveal the truth about Jesus. The purpose of the director was to create a movie where the whole story is led by the Holy Spirit because as he says, many times when he was praying to God, he often heard a voice in his head, telling him what to do, where to go and how to do certain things while filming. Read more about the movie here.

2. God’s Not Dead


This is a movie from which you will learn that God will always be with you no matter what you are going through. Even when in moments of desperation we know to reject him, God never gives up on us. He is gracious and gives a chance to everyone why truly believes that they can find joy, happiness and love in him. You should never stop believing that God loves you and always keep in mind that God’s not dead!

3. Fireproof



You vowed to eternal love with your partner, but the well-known “till death do us part” does not seem to work for you? Hold on, do not give up on your marriage, divorce is not always the solution. Watch the movie Fireproof and learn a few things on what you need to do to bring the spark back in your relationship. It is a movie that will make you think for a while: “Am I doing some things wrong? Can I change something in my thoughts and behavior to enjoy marriage and life to the fullest?” You will learn that sometimes the core of the problem lays in you and the only way to overcome the difficulty is to just change the course of your thoughts. After watching this movie, you will learn a life lesson that your marriage is worth fighting for.

4. Holy Ghost


This is another movie directed by Daren Wilson. In fact, Holy Ghost Reborn is a prolongation of Holy Ghost, the movie where real people’s stories witness about encounters with the Holy Spirit. Once again, Wilson shows his master skills in making Christian films based on true stories, that way pointing out to the real meaning of Christian faith.

5. Facing the Giants


There are times when it seems that everything in your life is out of control. Noting is as you have planned and expected, or worse, you are stuck with a lot of problems that seem to rise one after another and you can do absolutely nothing to stop that. “Facing the Giants” is a movie directed by Alex Kendrick; it tells the story of Grant Taylor, a football coach who is faced with big challenges and problems in life. He and his wife have come to a point of questioning the meaning of their marriage because they are unable to have a child. Moreover, on professional front, his team loses one match after another. It seems like for Grant, when it rains, it pours. Watch this movie to see how the faith in God can help you overcome the roughest times in your life.