Hair Loss Treatment – Dos & Don’ts For Men Who Are Going Bald

It seems like hair loss and men go hand in hand. Trust me, I know; it seems like everyone in my family suffers from some type of hair loss. I don’t know if it’s our family DNA, but the way I see it, nature obviously has something against us men; we are certainly the more affected party in comparison to our gentler counterparts.

Did you know that it is estimated that about half of all men by the age of 50 will experience male pattern baldness or androgenic alopecia? Yet there is no 100% efficient hair loss treatment. There are several solutions to choose from though. Depending on the stage and type of hair loss, you can wear head pieces (not really pleasant), undergo drug treatments, hair transplantation (not everyone can be a candidate; I wasn’t) or do what I did, tattoo your scalp.


Even though a relatively new procedure, scalp micropigmentation has actually been the most helpful and efficient hair loss treatment for men in Australia and worldwide. It is a cosmetic tattooing procedure through which hair follicles are imitated with the help of a needle and natural pigments. Pigments (usually 3 or more shades are used) are applied at the epidermal of the scalp creating a shaved-head look. The procedure takes usually takes 3-4 sessions (a week or more between the sessions), each visit taking about 3 hours. This all depends on the clinic you choose and the equipment they use.

What I like about scalp micropigmentation, is that unlike other hair loss treatments, it is suitable for all skin types, colour, age and stages of hair loss (crown balding, hairline receding, complete hair loss, alopecia). And there is no recovery time and no side effects. There is some redness to the treated area but that’s about it. With a aftercare cream, you can return to normal activities right away.


Now, regardless of the type of treatment you choose to confide in, here are some simple, daily, essential dos and don’ts to hold on to in order to minimize the damage done to your hair.

1. Dry Your Hair In a Gentler Way – Rubbing your hair with a rough towel can cause serious damage. Physical force breaks off fine hairs and the new ones don’t even get a chance to survive. Instead of rubbing, use a super soft cloth and pat the hair till the cloth soaks the excess moisture.

2. Don’t Wash Your Hair Every Day – Don’t wash your hair every day, as too much shampoo or conditioner on a daily basis can break down the natural structure of your hair. Of course you can wet and soak your hair in your daily shower, just don’t use shampoo every time.

3. Try To Reduce Stress – According to WebMD and many other medical professionals, the everyday stress will just worsen the hair loss signs. You just need to accept hair loss and deal with it, as failing to reduce stress in your daily life will have a long lasting damaging effect on your hair.

4. Combing and Brushing Can Lead to Hair Crushing – Using a brush or a comb too often and too much will only stress your hair more. Instead, you can use your hands and fingers to shape the hair the way you want it, especially if you are wearing it short or medium length.

5. Avoid Hair Products Overuse – Although these products are meant to smoothen and style your hair, it needs to breathe freely and rest, at lest 2 days a week. If you must use certain hair products every day, make sure they are mild and have ingredients that will not exhaust your hair’s natural protective cover.

6. Adopt A Healthier Diet – The undesirable condition of your hair is usually the first indicator that you may have a poor diet. A balanced diet with lots of fruit and vegetables along with proper protein intake, can help strengthen your hair and your overall well-being. You should also make a blood test and talk with your physician about taking additional vitamin supplements. Lack of iron and vitamin B are considered to be the main factors of hair loss.

7. Don’t Wear A Hat To Cover Up Your Hair Loss – Hats and caps come into direct contact with your hair, increasing the stress. Wearing hats, caps and/or too tight ponytails can only additionally damage your hair and lead to further hair loss in a very unpleasant way since you may experience headaches as well.