Your Ultimate Guide to Vegan Eye Makeup

Skincare and makeup are essential elements of any beauty regimen. After all, the skin is the largest organ in your body so you should definitely pay more attention to what you use on it. It’s important to figure out what works for your skin type to avoid breakouts and irritation. One way of preventing such inconveniences and going easy on your skin is using vegan cosmetics.

It’s a trend that’s going viral recently among skincare enthusiasts and makeup gurus and there’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t hop on it. Vegan cosmetics are one of the must-have items on a special gift basket for every woman in your life.

However, the world of makeup is so vast and varied that it can get a little overwhelming if you’re only just starting out. To help you navigate the exciting world of vegan eye makeup, I’ve put together a comprehensive guide to all the basics you need to know to get going.

Why Go Vegan?

Vegan cosmetics, in general, are in no way related to animals and animal testing and, as such, they help protect them. By buying a vegan product, you inevitably lower the demand for products that practice animal testing and keep those furry friends out of harm’s way.

vegan makeup

In addition to this, vegan products are beneficial for you as well since they don’t contain any harmful and harsh chemicals or ingredients that can damage your skin with extended use. You’re practically going all-natural and that’s the best way to go around it. This is good news for those with sensitive skin that’s prone to allergies since vegan cosmetic lines prevent redness and inflammation.

What’s great about these products is that they’re incredibly nourishing to the skin, giving it a soft, matte finish with a stunning, glowing complexion. What’s more, some products help slow down the skin’s aging process, effectively reducing wrinkles and contributing to a healthy and youthful appearance.

When it comes to eye makeup and cosmetics in particular, you need to be especially careful since that area is the most sensitive part of your face. The skin is thin and delicate and your eyes can easily get red and watery if you don’t use proper products. And this is why vegan cosmetics is the perfect solution. The gentle formula and non-irritating ingredients offer the best coverage and vibrant finish that’s bound to woo everyone you come across.

What Are the Different Types of Vegan Eye Makeup?

Essentially, you get the same range of vegan eye products as you would normally find in a regular makeup line. These include the main 3 things – eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara. Let’s face it, when doing your makeup, the main focus always seems to be on the eyes so it makes sense that I’ve dedicated a whole section to that.


vegan eyeshadow

The main point to consider when applying eyeshadow is which colour goes where. The darker colours usually go in the crease to create the base shape for the look you want to achieve. On the opposite end of the spectrum, lighter colours are normally applied to the brow bone or eye crease to add a little bit of highlight and accentuate your features. You can go as dark or as light as you want, depending on how dramatic or smoky you’d like your eye to be. Fortunately, there’s no shortage of choices so you shouldn’t find it too difficult to get a colourful vegan eyeshadow palette that matches your taste.

Depending on your eye shape, the right eyeshadow placement and contour can really make a difference. For example, hooded eyes can be mended by applying the pigment higher up in the crease to create the illusion of a brighter, open look. Feel free to play around with styles and colour schemes or you can even follow various tutorials online to help you figure out which direction you want to go in. Moreover, you don’t have to have just one vegan eyeshadow palette to work with. The more vegan eyeshadow palettes you get, the more room you’ll have for experimentation.

Whether you’re going for bright, sparkly and dazzling combinations or more neutral, toned-down looks, you’ll eventually have loads of fun trying out various styles until your find what actually works for you. That’s the beauty of the makeup world. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t get it perfect the first time around, no one knocks it out of the park immediately.


vegan eyeliner

People who can do a straight eyeliner without messing up several times in the process are literal gods. I’ve always struggled with this because the lines always end up wiggly or just downright horrific. Now the big question here is how do you get good at applying eyeliner? The answer seems simple in theory – just trace a line along the skin right below your lash line and create a wing on the side – but it’s somewhat more difficult to put into practice. Give it a few tries though, you might be surprised by your own abilities.


Last but not least, the good ol’ mascara. No makeup look is complete without it. You can apply several layers of it on your lashes if you want a more daring look that will definitely catch everyone’s attention.