Beauty Gift Pack: The Ideal Present for Every Special Woman in Your Life

Women find makeup empowering in many ways and that’s one of the main reasons why we love wearing it. I’ve always loved makeup. When I was a child, I used to enjoy playing with my makeup kit for little girls, but the first time I was wearing real makeup was in high school. That was the only way to cover the dark circles under my eyes and though it gave me a boost in confidence, it was not a magical concealer that could turn me from an insecure little girl into a confident woman.

Confidence comes from practice, experience and a belief in your abilities and self-worth. That being said, no one should wear makeup only to feel worthy. We are all beautiful and worthy, even if you may not think so right now. 

I enjoy wearing makeup and I do it for me because I love it, not because I feel like I have to. I’m using only vegan and cruelty-free makeup because I love animals, but also because these products are generally healthier and better for my skin. When it comes to cosmetics, there are many aspects to look into when choosing. 

So, why am I saying this? Well, last year, we all went through some rough times, facing pandemic restrictions and lockdowns. When the holiday season came, I was very sad because I couldn’t spend time with my family and friends, especially with my girls. In 2019, I was travelling for the holidays, so I sent gin hampers to all of them, but this year I didn’t feel like any of us is in the mood for celebrating, so I sent a beauty gift pack to every woman on my list.

Why Choose Makeup Gift Sets?


Makeup gift sets are one of the most popular options these days and go-to gift ideas for various occasions. You can find a beauty gift pack for every woman in your life and wrap it in a bow, whether it’s her birthday, Women’s Day, Christmas, or any other day when you feel like she deserves some love and attention. Every gift set is packed with carefully selected items to meet the expectations of the pickiest beauty lovers.

Gift giving is not supposed to be a chore, but a pleasure. It’s the best way to tell someone that you care about them even in the most difficult times. It’s an important part of human interaction and can help define relationships and strengthen bonds between family, friends, partners, neighbours or colleagues. 

I chose beauty gift sets for the women on my list because I wanted to make them feel special again, even though some of them were working from home, while the others were wearing masks at their workplaces. I picked beauty sets that focus on the eyes because the eyes have always been the centre of human beauty. Whether it’s a casual hanging out or a formal meeting, if your eyes look good, you’ll look good, too.
Eyes talk, but eye makeup talks even louder, especially these days when we are covering our faces with masks to protect ourselves and the people around us. Eyelashes are the frames around the eyes. They protect our eyes and define their shape, so even a simple application of mascara can enhance your eyes and give you a complete, beautiful look. 

Tips on How to Choose the Right Makeup Gift Set for Every Woman in Your Life


How much makeup one woman prefers may differ from one woman to another. Some of the women I know prefer a natural look and use a little bit of makeup, if any. Others enjoy creating a dramatic look and grab the attention of the entire room wherever they may go, while most of the women I’ve ever met, including myself like a mix of the two, depending on their mood or the occasion. Just like clothes, makeup allows us to visually express our personalities and moods. It has the power to transform a face and let the world know who you are and how you feel. 

To make the right choice, keep in mind the four makeup enhancements. Blush, eye makeup, lipstick and contour. These are the most powerful elements of every makeup routine and can’t be overlooked. Blush can make a woman look younger and fresh as long as it resembles her natural colour. Lipstick increases the colour contrast of the lips while contouring the face can make it more symmetrical and sharper. 

Avoid Buying Them Foundations

As we all know, the foundation is a very personal thing and depends on our skin type and coverage needs, the same as a concealer. That’s why it’s never a good idea to buy foundation for other women unless they have told you the exact shade of foundation. Don’t try and guess it because chances are you’ll be wrong.

Always Choose Vegan and Cruelty-Free Products


As I already mentioned above, I am using only vegan and cruelty free makeup. Choosing products that were not tested on animals, saves the animals, but also saves you from bad chemicals like parabens, sulphates, synthetic dyes and more, so you get cleaner products that are great for your skin. This is very important when buying cosmetic gift sets for other people because with vegan and cruelty free products you can never go wrong as they are a great choice for those who have sensitive skin and acne issues.

By purchasing vegan and cruelty free makeup you take a stand and send the message that animal testing is wrong and you are actively putting your effort and money into a good cause. The fact that you are helping to change the world and make it a kinder and safer place for all living beings is an amazing gift already.