Pram Accessories: Choose Quality, Convenience and Comfort for Your Little One

Newborns bring hope and joy to our lives and as parents, we want to make everything right from the beginning. Before my baby was born, one of the things I took the greatest pleasure in was designing and decorating the nursery room. I enjoyed selecting nursery posters to add a creative touch to the room, but after the first month we started leaving the house every day and take some short but much-needed walks around our neighborhood, so the pram and pram accessories became my main focus at the time.

Having a pram is a great choice, especially from your baby’s birth to around six months as it allows your child to lie flat in a carrycot to support his or her growing spine as it develops, encourage a healthy oxygen flow and promote good respiratory and circulatory health. We were going pretty much everywhere with our pram, so the following question started running through my head.

What Pram Accessories Do I Need?

picture of a baby in a stroller in a park beside a dog
source: Minnie Zhou on Unsplash

There are many different baby pram accessories available and choosing the right ones can get a bit overwhelming at times. However, you can find a range of carefully selected pram accessories and choose the essentials. To help you narrow down your choices, here is what I found most useful and why.


A footmuff is a great option when the weather gets colder because it can keep your baby’s little toes cosy and warm. Just make sure you choose one that will strap securely to your pram to avoid the risk of it slipping off. The good news is that most footmuffs can be put straight into the washing machine to remove any spills or stains.

Cup Holders

A cup holder may not be essential, but if you are a mummy-on-the-go like me, then it’s a must. It’s useful all year round for holding your hot chocolate or your ice tea.

Pram Liners

picture of a baby in a pram stroller in the park
source: Marina Abrosimova on Unsplash

A pram liner is the lifesaver of your pram. It can protect your pram and ensure spills are very easy to clean. Also, it will make every pram ride more enjoyable by providing your little one with some extra comfort. If you want to add some style to it, you can choose a vibrant print or an exclusive print that will make your pram stand out.


No pram is complete without a blanket to keep your baby bun warm and comfortable during the winter months. Choose a material that’s soft, breathable and washable.

Rain Covers

Oh, the joy of a sudden downpour! I used to love it, but I got caught in it once with my little girl and I was so happy that I had a rain cover for the pram, so I put it on quickly. After I talked to a few mums, I can easily say that a rain cover may be one of the most useful accessories for prams out there. It’s a necessity when it rains, but also it can come in very handy when it’s windy out there. If you are pushing your pram with the wind blowing in it, it can get uncomfortable for your baby, so I used to put it on for those occasions as well.


picture of two woman and a baby in a stroller pram crossing a street
source: Ryoji Iwata on Unsplash

A little bit of sun on your baby’s face can boost their vitamin D levels, but if you are going for a long stroll on a sunny day, it’s better to keep your little one safe and cool. A parasol is a great investment and can help you enjoy summer outings much more.

Bug Nets

A bug net keeps those little critters away and is a great solution for the warmer months or if travelling to hotter climates. It’s also handy for babies with sensitive skin and to avoid the smell of bug spray.

Travel Bags

To keep your pram safe and undamaged during your travels, you can invest in a protective travel bag. It will cushion your pram from knocks and bumps and make it look quite stylish as well.

Changing Bags

picture of a woman with a baby pram stroller on a parking lot
source: Humphrey Muleba on Unsplash

Whether it’s a quick trip to the supermarket or a long walk, a changing bag is always a good idea. It’s designed to hold your baby’s diapers, change of clothes, bottles, snacks and more. The key factor to consider when buying a changing bag is how it’s going to fit on your pram because you don’t want to end up carrying it over your shoulder while pushing the pram. It’s always a good idea to look for a changing bag with a lot of pockets, a wipe-clean lining and a changing mat.

Pram Toys

Keep your little one entertained with playful, soft toys that will engage your baby and let you enjoy the beautiful surroundings or have a nice chat with another momma.

Pram Clips and Hooks

Following the above, these came in very helpful for hanging some toys to the pram, so that my daughter had something to play with that wouldn’t be lost over the side. Also, I was very happy to find pram clips to hang my shopping bags because anything that meant less carrying and more hands-free was great for me at the time.

Pram Organisers

picture of two woman with their kids in pram stroller in the park
source: Maxim Tolchinskiy on Unsplash

Last, but not least – an organiser. Once your baby’s stuff is all packed, you need to think about your stuff, too, and a pram organiser can come in handy. It attaches to the pram and allows you to keep your valuables close to you, but separate from your baby’s changing stuff.