You Got the Power: Transform Any Room with the Right Lighting

Not too long ago, my wife and I moved in our very first house. Finally, our own place decorated according to our taste. Or better said, according to my dear wife’s taste. There’s this unwritten rule that it’s women who should dictate everything decor-wise in the home. But I’m not complaining. Clearly, I am the man in the house, and I got “the power”! The power to transform any room with the help of light, that is! I bet you’d think, what a stereotypical way of reasoning: the man taking care of the lighting and everything that’s connected to electricity. But to be honest, if it were up to me to set up the electricity in the house, it would’ve been doomed to burn down. Ha!

Fortunately, there is one home improvement step I’m good at – picking the perfect lighting. I just love how a single light placed on the right spot can emphasize or hide certain points and objects in a room. So I took matters in my hands and organized the lighting décor scheme in our home. And boy was this a challenge! Take a look at all the kinds of ligthts Australia made choices I went with and how I combined them for the ultimate effect.


Living Room

The living room is the most frequently used area in every home. Whether it’s for chatting with family or guests, watching a movie, or just kicking back and relaxing, you need to have a combination of different light sources to fit every occasion. And since most of those occasions are connected with leisure time, it’s good to avoid very bright blue-emitting bulbs that prompt higher serotonin development which gives us more energy. For our living room, I chose a chandelier with four 40W silk-like off-white shades. In addition to this, I put some accent lights – a few adjustable spotlight lamps to illuminate my wife’s beautiful artwork. There are many other types of living room lights Australia retailers offer, such as pendant lights, track lights or wall scones. Think about which ones are the best for the ambiance you want to achieve. The appropriate living room light brightness should range between 1500 and 3000 lumens.


Probably the best part of every morning – seeing yourself transform from this sleepy creature with his/her eyes barely open, to a person ready to conquer the world. Yup, a couple of minutes spent showering, brushing your hair and a few other minor touch ups can do miracles to our appearances. And a bigger part of that transformation process takes place in the bathroom, right in front of the bathroom mirror, that is. So for the sake of making this ‘ritual’ much more pleasant, the light shouldn’t come directly from the ceiling, but from around the mirror. Bright, wall-mounted fixtures on both sides of the mirror, or a LED strip light installed just behind the mirror helps me shave impeccably and my wife do her makeup flawlessly.