Sweat and Feel the Healing Powers of a Sauna That’s Infrared

Last September I hit the big 40! But what made it different from all the other pasty years is that my wonderful family teamed up to get me the best birthday present ever! A portable infrared sauna! And being literally in love with it ever since I found out it existed, I decided to share with you all I know about this incredible source of happiness.

What makes this type of sauna different than the traditional ones is that it can replicate all of their effects, but at a lower temperature, which makes it a great alternative for people who can’t stand heat. Moreover, it’s small and convenient and can be easily moved around the house. Here are the top reasons why you should start looking for an infrared sauna and bring some more joy into your life.

Bye, Bye Stress!

In the busy world of today, almost all of us are under some kind of stress, and all that negative energy is mostly accumulated in our muscles and joints. I never thought I could get rid of all the tension in my shoulders and the unbearable pain in my lower back just by spending 15 minutes in my sauna every day. But the far heat released by the sauna penetrated deep past my skin and loosened up my muscles. So here I am today – completely pain free! Moreover, this infrared sauna does wonders to your mind. Lay down in it and you will feel as if laying on the warm sands of a tropical beach. The pleasant infrared waves make you feel as if you were tickled by the sun’s rays while your mind starts drifting off to a relaxed zen-like state. This is why the sauna quickly became my getaway where the stress of my daily life is suddenly millions of kilometres away.

Sweat for a Healthier Heart

A lot of research has proven that saunas help drastically reduce the risk of heart attack and cardiovascular illnesses. More specifically, a study in Finland (the official country of saunas), has shown that people who use a sauna 2-3 days a week, experienced a 23% decreased risk of a fatal heart disease. The hearts of the individuals who sweated it out daily were even more healthy. This is so because sweating regulates our heart rate and reduces the vascular resistance, which in turn help decrease high blood pressure – the leading cause of heart attack. Saunas are definitely a heart’s best friend!

15 Minutes Sauna a Day Keeps the Cellulite Away

Every woman has experienced the dreadful fight with cellulite at some point in her life. And my wife personally was close to giving up when she discovered by coincidence the incredible fat melting abilities of our far infrared sauna. You see, cellulite is a toxic waste accumulated in the body’s fat cells which lie deep under the skin. When you sweat you melt away the toxins closer to the surface of the skin. However, the incredible advantage of these saunas is that the infrared rays can pierce deep under the skin and raise the core temperature which breaks down all the subcutaneous fat. And as the heart rate rises, the lymphatic system is able to push this waste to the surface in order to be removed by the process of sweating. Isn’t this wonderful? You get to sweat your fat away without lifting a finger! Certainly worth a try!