Want Optimal Well-Being? Have Some Coconut Oil!

If someone were to ask what I love about the world of today, I’d definitely say it’s having all the access to the information on how to take better care of our health, and it’s all thanks to technology and continuous advancements, so in a way, you might as well say I love technology as well.

While, many of us are aware it takes food and exercise to get the optimal well-being, not all of us know how to choose the right ingredients when it comes to getting the necessary nutrients in meals.

This is what the internet serves for, doing one’s own research when not being able to afford the advice of a nutritionist. This is a post about how coconut oil changed my life for the better, and it all started with the use of pure coconut oil for face moisturizer.

Wanting to hydrate and nourish my skin, after various unsuccessful attempts with other moisturizers, and the outcome of a tired, dull skin, I was looking for the certified, organic moisturizer that would boost my skin’s health, repair it, and improve its elasticity and immunity, and the pure coconut oil for face moisturizer seemed like the perfect option.

After using it for some time, and getting a healthy complexion, a much better outcome than I imagined, or hoped for, I decided to look more into the benefits of coconut oil. Guess what was the first thing I came across?

The fact it’s one of the so-called superfoods. What this means is it’s a combination of fatty acids (the healthy, saturated fats, more specifically medium chain triglycerides) that have positive effects on the health.

When consumed, these acids find their way to the liver and work their wonder in the form of ketones which are closely related to improving the brain’s work. Additionally, consuming coconut oil has its way with protecting from heart diseases.

Furthermore, it has antibacterial properties, known for killing viruses, bacteria, as well as fungi so it’s no surprise it’s recommended as the ideal food for treating Candida albicans, the main cause for yeast infections.

And, what I most liked about this superfood was the fact it helps with burning of fat, starting from the ketones reducing the appetite, along with increasing the amount of calorie-burn. And you know, my skin appearance isn’t the only obvious result: so is my hair!

After I implemented coconut oil as a regular part of my diet, I started recommending it all of my family and friends; everyone should get to reap the health benefits of this superfood.