Tips to Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Back in the student days, living in a dorm meant sharing my living space with a lot of strangers without really being able to influence the look of my surroundings outside my room. That led me to develop quite a unique hobby – admiring fancy house exteriors and analysing their decor while making my way to the campus.

Now that those days are over, living in my own house opened up a whole new horizon of possibilities to adorn the exterior and create something I’m can admire every time I get outside.

improve your home’s curb appeal

But even if you’re not a person who has an eye for decor, your home deserves to glow, regardless if it’s a small house with a cute front yard or a huge residence. If you suddenly feel a creative streak and are tempted to improve your house’s curb appeal, I packed up some tips that are worth taking a peek into.

Pick a House Number Sign That Stands Out

Living in a house meant having an address number unique to my own home. So, the first thing that came to my mind was to get a gorgeous house sign to display the number in a stylish way.

My goal was to keep it minimalist same as with my interior, so I decided to go for an art deco house number with a satin chrome effect. The silver-ish finish was the perfect match to compliment my contemporary facade and give the overall look of my house an ultra-modern touch.

As much as there were a lot of gorgeous designs to choose from on the market, the art deco house sign also matched my durability preferences that made my decision even easier. This sign is made from solid brass, which makes me rest assured that I chose something that won’t rust with the first rain and the sun isn’t its greatest enemy too.

house number

But, this doesn’t mean that this art deco sign with a satin chrome effect would match your house too since everyone’s home and taste is different. The market nowadays offers a lot of options, such as sophisticated blacks numbers as the perfect addition to light-coloured concrete facades, or royal-gold solid brass house signs to match a Victorian-style house.

When talking about styles, vintage-styled houses are not that uncommon for Australian streets, so I came across plenty of cute vintage house signs while I was looking for something to decorate my exterior with. If you want to make your little vintage abode stand out on the street, getting an enamel-coated sign with white letters is a winning classic. Not only are today’s designs for these classic house numbers gorgeous, but the enamel-coated metals also make for durable, water-resistant materials for signs.

There’re a lot of outstanding designs made from durable materials out there. The only thing you need to do is to wake up the creativity inside you and choose a design you’ll love. Talking from my experience, your new house number sign won’t stay unnoticed, even if it’s only by the students taking notes for their future dream castles.

Get a Gorgeous Letterbox


We all know that the purpose of a letterbox is to store everything that is “dropped off” to us. But, we also know that it’s also one of the most noticeable exterior elements and can make the first impression of our living places. In other words, think of letterboxes as the eye-catching jewels of the exterior.

If you want to replace your weathered letterbox and get one that will improve your home’s first impression, have in mind that finding a design that will also match the design of your house numbers is as essential as matching your belt with your shoes.

For this reason, my choice was an aluminium-made minimalist mailbox that paired well with my art deco house number sign. Additionally, the silver shine of the aluminium gave a modern note to my entrance and dolled up by facade, making the whole picture look lavish and luxurious.

Sometimes, it’s the little details that make the big picture.

Freshen Up the Entrance with Flowers

If the details can make or break the whole picture, I immediately asked myself: “What’s the little detail that has the power to bring my front entrance to life?” I didn’t need much time to realise that some greenery was what was missing. So, the first thing I did was getting a huge matte-black flower stand and a couple of minimalist self-watering pots and started planting.

Since it was the most optimal to place the flower plant stand on my patio, I decided to plant some lilies and camellias, since they don’t mind growing in the shade. But if your patio or porch get some sun for most of the day, you can also plant a small edible garden with herbs or fruits that can thrive in pots, such as blueberries. You can also plant some colourful geraniums and let their pretty flowers adorn your entrance. Also, small potted palms are a great choice if you want to give your house an exotic touch.

Not only will a couple of pots revive the “plain” exterior, but they will also disperse a lovely fresh scent in the air, making your front entrance the most joyful and pleasant spot of your house.

Replace an Old Doormat With Something More Attractive

At this point, I thought that I’m done adorning my house’s exterior. And I won’t deny, it was admirable to see the stylish aluminium mailbox in front of the black matte fence enclosing my little lavish front yard while walking to my entrance. And the moment I reached my front door, a big disappointment hit me when I spotted the old, dirty doormat.

black doormat made of rubber

The doormat tends to be the tiny detail we all forget about, but I’m sure you don’t want to show off your revamped house exterior by welcoming your guests together with your ragged and muddy doormat.

That’s why I immediately got a new, black doormat made of rubber since they tend to be easier to clean and maintain than the ones made from different fibres and cloths. Mine was simple to pair with the minimalist exterior, but you can also get a colourful design or one that has a funny saying on it.

Make a Statement With a Fancy Sculpture

There are many reasons to get a sculpture for your home, but this ornament is also a trick often used to improve the exterior’s look. That’s why I got an abstract teak sculpture for my front yard. The abstract shape improved the aesthetic of my front area visibly, and the brown shades of the teak added a warm contrast to the cold brass and aluminium details, creating a lovely balance.

marble angel sculpture victorian style

Just make sure to pick a sculpture that matches your home’s style. For instance, if you’re decorating a Victorian-style house, a smooth marble angel sculpture is what will perfectly blend in (the angel symbolised the lady of the house in the Victorian era). Statues made of raw wood are a great choice to complement vintage patio furniture. And if you have a modern space, you can pick a sleek metal statue that glows in the sun, or do as I did and create a contrast with a smooth wooden sculpture.

What I learned through this process eventually is that boosting the curb appeal also improves the home’s value should you ever decide to sell it. Even if that’s not the case, a lovely house exterior speaks loud about what’s inside, and the least you can do is to make it a space everyone will admire, including you.