Tips on How to Choose Commercial Gym Equipment

Investing in a gym is a great business idea, but it takes time and research to get it right. You want to create a place where people keep coming back, and this is keeping in mind that people often give up halfway through. You want them to keep coming back not only for tips on how to implement fat burning supplements in their diet but also for your gym equipment, which can make all the difference between failure and success.

I see the equipment as the lifeblood of my gym and I am very happy when a new client walks in and they can see themselves getting healthier and fitter at my place. Every set of dumbbells speaks to your goals as a gym owner and what your place is offering.

One of the first questions you should ask yourself is what type of gym you want to have. Whether it’s a standard gym aimed at a broad market or a focused gym that only requires a specific range for a specific target audience, purchasing the right commercial gym equipment is imperative to your financial success.

Before you shop, make sure to calculate your floor space and make a list of essential equipment and set a specific quantity for each item on your list. While you’ll need only one unit of some machines, you’ll probably need several of the most popular strength machines.

Different Types of Commercial Fitness Equipment

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Whether you are starting a new gym or simply updating your current one, selecting the right equipment can be a difficult task. Over the past 20 years, the fitness industry has changed a lot and now there is a wide range of commercial gym equipment you can choose from. In such a competitive market, it’s important to stand out from the crowd.

The types of commercial fitness equipment can be considered in many ways, but one of them includes the categories cardio training, strength training, balls, mats, storage and others. The fitness equipment that targets cardio training includes equipment used to monitor the heart rate and distance travelled as well as equipment used to raise the heart rate. It includes pedometers, heart rate monitors, exercise bikes, elliptical trainers, treadmills and more.

Fitness equipment for strength training includes dumbbells, racks, weight benches, weight machines, free weights, multi-station gyms and more. Kettlebell exercises, barbell workouts and dumbbell training are just the beginning and they offer functional training for activities performed in daily life.

Balls play a big role in several sports, but also thy figure as an area of commercial fitness equipment, including exercise balls, squeeze balls for hand and finger exercises, therapy balls, weight balls, reflex balls and more.

Storage is an important part of commercial fitness equipment, including dumbbell racks, barbell racks, stacking racks for therapy balls and other items that are essential to maintain order. Additionally, trampolines, air pumps, inflate balls, mats, mirrors, exercise equipment and specialised resistance equipment including fitness tubes of different weights, resistance bands and more, are used in commercial gyms as well.

Tips on How to Choose Your Gym Equipment

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Understand Your Space

There are many factors to consider before buying commercial fitness equipment. You need to know your space and maximise it by creating a layout for your gym that ensures everyone can operate safely and efficiently. Take measurements and consider the flow of traffic from one room to another. Also, make sure to know how people are going to be moving around and take into account ample space around every piece of equipment, so your clients will not feel cramped while exercising.

Know Your Clients

Make sure to know your clients and their needs because each type of exercise needs different equipment. Selecting the right gym equipment mainly depends on your space and your clients.


Commercial exercise equipment is generally found in gyms and is designed for around the clock usage. It’s made with much higher quality material and is built extremely durable. Commercial grade gym equipment is built to withstand many different runners per day for many years.

Maintenance and Warranty

An important consideration to make when choosing your gym equipment is any maintenance or warranty that is included with the purchase. Make sure to always check every piece of equipment’s warranty before buying it, to ensure that the suppliers are adhering to a professional standard of product service, offering aspects such as maintenance and repair within a certain time.

Avoid Low-Quality Equipment

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Commercial fitness equipment can vary in price and you need to be very careful when selecting the items for your gym space. You can find a wide range of cut-price items and while most of them might be good for a home gym, generally, they are not a great choice for a commercial gym. Commercial grade gym equipment is built to a high standard as it’s going to be used daily by many people.

Cheap equipment, on the other hand, is built for occasional use at home, and while it may save you money in the short term, it can often cost you much more over the long term due to replacement, repairs and maintenance. Investing slightly more money in gym equipment can make a huge difference when it comes to maintenance and repairs.