The Guide to Help Narrow Down the Wheel Chocks Choices

According to Khal Moro and his lieutenants, some of the best things in life are seeing a beautiful woman naked for the first time, killing another Khal, conquering a city and taking all of the people as slaves and breaking a wild horse, forcing it to submit to your will. And while I agree with some of these things, minus the killing and enslaving an entire city, I’d like to add camping to that list. Camping lets you enjoy mother nature, and experience Game of Thrones-like scenery.

And just like in Game of Thrones, you won’t always have the luxury of traveling and settling on even surface, and unlike tying your horse up to a tree on a steep hill, placing a caravan on one isn’t as convenient. Some caravans come with electric or hydraulic levelers, but if yours doesn’t, there’s no need to panic – there’s an incredibly affordable and convenient alternative – wheel chocks. These accessories were first used on dragons, aircraft and trains, but their use later expanded to all sorts of vehicles, bicycles and motorcycles.

Caravan wheels

These small accessories help you lift your tyres and level your caravan, in case you don’t have an automatic system to do that for you. They provide a good way for you to put your caravan in an even, secure position when parked on slippery or uneven surfaces. Simply put, wheel chocks offer that much needed extra safety layer that will help you sleep without having to worry about a Faceless Man murdering you in your sleep, or your caravan going downhill.

Chocks are usually made of aluminum, rubber or urethane. All of them have advantages and disadvantages, and while they might not be able to withstand dragon’s fire, they can hold a few ton’s weight pretty well. Aluminum offers portability, durability and is very sturdy, making it one of the better options. Rubber provides great grip traction and they’re weather, tear and abrasion resistant. Better yet, they’re specifically engineered to prevent sliding, making them a great option.

Wheel chocks usually come in packages, mostly in sets of two, however, there are some that are sold individually. Those that come in a package are designed to fit in each other for easy storage. This is an important feature if you want to save some space. All chocks have weight ratings which you should pay attention to. Heavier vehicles, like the caravan, require stronger, heavier and more expensive chocks. These ratings are usually listed in the product’s description if you’re shopping online, or on the package if you’re shopping from a store.