Tecnifibre Tennis Racquet Buying Guide

Tecnifibre is well-known around the world for producing cutting-edge tennis accessories and racquets. The brand has had great success in the tennis world, and it has many followers all around the globe. Noted for being used in a variety of ways, such as the all-court game, which incorporates a variety of styles. Tecnifibre racquets are an excellent choice for those who wish to handle and balance all types of strokes in their games. They assist in strokes such as approach shots by adding extra underspin or topspin.

Tecnifibre Racquet Types

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Tecnifibre racquets have been around for a long time. The company was founded by Thierry Maissant in 1979, and since then he has been steadily working to produce some of the best racquets on the market. The company has been focused on producing high-quality Tecnifibre tennis racquet models at an affordable price point that can give you the performance you need without breaking the bank. The brand offers a variety of racquet types including:

  • Inverted (Headsize 100-115) – This is a large head size with a stiffer beam and thin grip that helps you get more leverage when hitting the ball. It’s ideal for players who want to hit harder but don’t want to sacrifice control.
  • Mid plus (Headsize 85-95) – This is a medium head size with a medium stiffness beam and medium/thick grip that provides excellent comfort and feel while still providing plenty of power and control. It’s ideal for players who want to hit with lots of spins.
  • Stiff Flex (Headsize 75-85) – This is a small head size with an extremely stiff beam and thin grip that offers great power potential but less control than mid plus racquets. It’s ideal for players who want more power.
  • Ultra Lightweight (Headsize 60-65) – This is one of the lightest frames in the world with an extremely flexible beam and very thin grip that gives you maximum manoeuvrability on the court while sacrificing some power potential compared to other Tecnifibre racquets.

Power vs Control Racquets

If you’re looking for a Tecnifibre tennis racquet that’s going to help you hit the ball as hard as possible, you need to choose a power racquet. If you’re looking for a racquet that helps you control the ball and get more spin on it, then you need to choose a control racquet.

The main difference between power and control racquets is in the way they are designed. Power racquets have wider heads and larger sweet spots, whereas control racquets have thinner heads with smaller sweet spots. A wider head will give more power to your shots, but it also gives less control over where those shots land because of the larger sweet spot. A thinner head is going to give more control over where each shot lands, but it will also limit how much power you can put behind your strokes.

What Should Be the Weight of My Racquet?

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Racquet weight is generally measured in ounces (oz) or grams (g). Racquet weights range from about 9 ounces to over 13 ounces. Racquets are generally lighter than the traditional wood racquets, but some advanced players prefer heavier racquets because they feel that it helps them with their swing.

The weight of your racquet should be a good fit for your play style and physical ability. If you are an aggressive player who likes to hit powerful shots, then you may want to choose a racquet that weighs around 12 oz. If you are looking for something more controlled and precise, then a lighter racquet is probably going to be better for you. However, it is important to note that there are no specific rules on what weight of racquet will suit your game best as it all comes down to personal preference.

What Is a Suitable Racquet Length for Me?

The weight of the racquet also matters when buying one for yourself. If you have a small frame, then it may be better to get a lighter racquet because it will make it easier for you to move around the court without having to worry about fatigue.

However, if you have an average build then heavier racquets would work better for you since they balance out your body weight and allow for more power when hitting shots. For players who want power in their swings but don’t want to sacrifice control or manoeuvrability then medium-weighted racquets are recommended as they provide both control and power in every shot hit with them.

Which Should Be the Grip Size of My Tennis Racquet?

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The size of the grip of your tennis racquet is an important factor to consider when choosing your new racquet. The size of your hand and wrist will determine what size grip you will want on your racquet.

The larger grips are made for those with larger hands, while the smaller ones are better suited for those with smaller hands. The average grip size is around 4 1/2 inches long but can vary from 3 1/2 inches all the way up to 5 inches in length. Standard grip size is usually between 4 1/4 inches and 4 5/8 inches long.

If you are unsure of what size racquet will work best for you, it is always best to try before you buy. You should also consider how well you play tennis and whether or not you need a larger or smaller-sized grip based on how much time you spend on the court each week or month.