Sparkle in Elegance: How to Pick a Bridal Tiara for Your Big Day

Isn’t it every girl’s dream to feel and look like a princess on her big day? If feeling and looking like a royal on your wedding day resonates, you likely love the traditional bride look. And besides a dreamy gown and a pair of cute shoes (read Cinderella cute), there’s another way to achieve the look of a modern-day princess. And that is by choosing a tiara.

The Meaning and History of Tiaras

A tiara is the most exquisite and attractive jewellery a woman can wear. Perched atop the head, it’s an elevated and apparent symbol of status or monarchy. Geoffrey Munn, a jewellery historian, states that “tiara” originally described the purple band adorned with white elements that Persian rulers wore. However, he notes that “the word today is a generic phrase that covers diadems, circlets, and wreaths” in his book Tiaras, a History of Splendour. Of course, a jewel with this status has a rich past.

The first use of bridal tiaras goes back to the golden wreaths that Ancient Greek women offered to the gods as a token of gratitude for their marriages. They also wore gold wreaths known as stephanoi, which incorporated insects and realistic sprays of oak, ivy, laurel, or olive. These are possibly the most stylistically similar to tiaras from today. During the Middle Ages, tiaras symbolised engagement and the promise of a happy marriage, frequently rich in Christian and Gothic symbolism.

In the 17th and 18th centuries, elite women adorned themselves with diadems resembling helmets. The extravagant Rococo fashion of Louis XV transitioned to a revived Neoclassical style by Napoleon Bonaparte. Today, we often see royal family members wearing tiaras. The trend instantly resurrected for all brides who love the traditional look when we saw Kate Middleton don a 1936 Cartier London platinum and diamond Halo crown that Her Majesty the Queen lent her.

How Do I Choose a Wedding Crown?

Raquel - Intricate Crystal Bridal Crown

It’s best to consider several factors when looking for a dreamy bridal tiara for your big day, more so as there’s a wide range of options available in the stores, each of which is amazing with the design, detail, embellishments, and style.

Choose Your Dress and Shoes First

That’s just to ensure that your tiara is the finishing touch rather than being the focal feature of your ensemble. The tiara should complement your whole bridal look. It shouldn’t draw attention away from your facial characteristics or wedding gown. You must consider any bridal jewellery or accessories you intend to wear, like wedding hair pins.

Consider Your Hairstyle

A tiara will add glitter to any downdo, regardless of hair length (long, medium, or short), but it’s best if it doesn’t overshadow the bride. The tiara and your bridal hairstyle should go together, so make a hairdo decision in advance. A more ornate bridal tiara is better if you intend to wear your hair up in a bun or another wedding style. 

A delicate tiara is a perfect option if you prefer to keep your hair down. However, if you have long, thick hair, more oversized accessories that can support the weight will be a better option than smaller ones that will be harder to see. If you want a tall tiara, consider the groom’s height; you don’t want to overpower him.

Think of Your Face Shape

Arlo - Floral Crystal & Pearl Bridal Double Headband

Your tiara should enhance your natural beauty and draw attention to your best features by fitting your face shape. It can drastically alter your appearance for the better or worse, depending on its size, placement, and the style of your wedding

You’re blessed if your face is oval! You can wear almost any style, so take your time and look around. You can focus on selecting the bridal tiara that best complements your gown and wedding. If your face is round and you’ve always imagined yourself wearing a beautiful wedding tiara on your special day, you’ll be happy to hear that it will add height. It’s the most excellent approach to making a round face appear longer. That’s correct—you now have permission to embrace an unabashedly glitzy and princess-like headpiece.

The right hairstyle can effortlessly give width to a long face. Make sure you have a lot of magnificent volume framing your face’s sides, or consider adding a fringe. Place a magnificent hair comb on the side or centre of your back to complete the look. Steer clear from putting a large, bulky hairpiece on your head to enhance height. Use a side-swept fringe or loose waves to soften the look of a square face. 

Complete the ensemble with a delicate wedding tiara or other hairpiece. Opt for feminine swirls and flourishes instead of going for something very big or hefty. Your goal should be to accentuate your eyes and those incredible cheekbones if you have a lovely, heart-shaped face. Choose a stunning hair comb that you can wear to one side, above the ear or a halo headpiece that rests along your hairline in place of a wedding tiara.

Opt for Comfort

The bride needs to be comfortable all day; therefore, the wedding crown should feel sturdy without being too heavy on her head. While picking the perfect headpiece deserves careful thought, remember that this is your special day and that no wedding accessory should steal the show. The accessories should draw attention to your best qualities and complement your inherent beauty to make you the centre of attention. Ensure your crown best suits your character, style, and personality.