Scooting and the Different Types of Scooter Ramps

Anyone who grew up in the 90’s and 00’s got to experience the fun and excitement that a scooter brings. Although the hype was short-lived for most, there are some of us that kept on scooting to this very day. It’s a fun way to get around, and if you’re an adrenaline junkie like myself, you probably go to the skate park every once in a while and have fun on the ramps there.

Even though the scooter was originally designed for kids exclusively, a lot of manufacturers made scooters that are ideal for adults to enjoy. The main difference between those scooters for kids and adults is their sturdiness, durability and size. A lot of people went on to ride scooters for a living, similarly to how skaters were popular back in the 70’s and 80’s.

That being said, you don’t become a scooter stunt-master overnight, and it definitely isn’t as easy as it looks. In fact, it takes a lot of practice, and if you have a spacey driveway or yard, you might want to look for scooter ramps for sale, to work on your stunt tricks before going to your local skate park. Contrary to popular belief, finding scooter ramps for sale isn’t as expensive as most think it is, and in fact even enthusiastic teenagers can afford them.

However, not all scooter ramps are built the same. There are a few different types you’ll stumble across, and even those distinct types have differences between them in size, resistance and weight. That being said, buying a scooter ramp does require a bit of knowledge, especially on the types and how they differ from one another.

Ramp Ledges

These are shaped like a box with a metal-lined edge. Ramp ledges are generally used for grinding and gliding, and they feature an adjustable height mechanism. They are rectangular-shaped and you can flip them around to get the desired height.

Launch Ramp

Launch ramps are the most basic type, and they’re designed to provide a strong lift off the ground. They’re ideal for practicing flips, and you can attach multiple launch ramps together, or with a small gap in between them so you can jump over from one to another. They’re incredibly versatile ramps, so you can create a lot of setups just by owning a few of them.

Pyramid Ramps

Pyramid ramps are great to scoot on with a bunch of friends. The top of these ramps is flat, and you can scoot down from four sides. They’re typically placed in the middle of a skate park, as you can go down either direction.

Half Pipe

Half pipe ramps are ideal for back and forth scooting. As their name suggests, they have the shape of a half pipe, which allows you to constantly gain momentum and speed as you go from one side to the other.