Rollerblading vs. Roller Skates: What Kind Should I Get for My Child?

We’ve all heard about that golden rule: If you don’t have anything nice to say – don’t say anything at all. Yet, there are is a lot of blabber about roller skating being dangerous and not cool. You may hear that a lot from old people, but I only have positive words and a good vibe about skating. The only time I felt a bit confused about all of these new stuff coming up in the world of skating was right before my kids decided that they want to skate. The immediate question that overwhelmed me was: rollerblades or roller skates? After doing my research, I was able to make an informed decision and buy the right stuff from a reliable skate shop in Australia.


Rollerblades have slim wheels that are located in one single row, however, roller skates have four thick wheels in two rolls. When I was a child I used roller skates, but the children of today want everything, so I had to buy them both types. In regard to stopping, both have different stoppers installed. The stoppers of the rollerblades are smaller and located at the back, while the roller skates have theirs located at the front and are much bigger. The best fasteners for rollerblades are straps or laces and roller skates only use laces. The durability of roller skates is quite good since they are made from leather, however, rollerblades have the quality of ski shoes.


While I was making the final decision for my children, I stumbled upon the fact that rollerblades feature somewhat better technology than skates. They are equipped with air vents that let air ventilate through the foot and even have built-in shock absorbers. On the other hand, I found out that rollerblading moves more muscles, especially the hips. When it comes to stability, roller skates take the spotlight since they are very sturdy. In addition, the calves, quads and lower abdomen are getting a lot of movement. In any case, every exercise is good for my children and that’s why I went with both.

As a parent who is familiar with skating, I knew first hand that there is nothing more fulfilling than seeing my children enjoying themselves on the pavement. They are getting exercise, fresh air, even their lives are now much more socially fulfilled because they go skating with the other neighbourhood kids. When you decide to visit your local skate shop in Australia, you can rest assured that whether you buy blades or skater, or even both, it will make your children happy and receive and they will receive the greatest gift of their childhood.