Revo Lenses: Uniquely Designed Lenses for Different Light Conditions

Revo took the sunglasses world by storm back in 85, and they became universally known as the brand that made polarised lenses popular. It all started for them by taking advantage of the lens technology developed by NASA which was used to protect satellites from the sun. Almost 30 years later, the brand continues to build upon its tradition of innovation and cutting edge technology by providing highly-advanced and high-contrast polarised sunglasses.

Revo lenses are also some of the most popular on the market, as they feature the Digital Polarised PlusTM technology which completely protects from glare, but still lets you view blue light devices. Additionally, Revo shines through their trademarked Revo Light Management System that helps manage the full spectrum of light, including HEV, while filtering out harmful UV light and selectively allowing light that’s helpful for clarity and vision precision.

The extensive range of Revo lenses includes 8 uniquely designed lenses that are designed to filter the entire light spectrum in order to cater to your vision in different light conditions. Let’s take a better look at them.

Blue Water Revo Lens

These lenses are great for eliminating glare in bright conditions, such as when the reflective sun rays bounce off a water’s surface. The blue mirror coating delivers visible clarity and offers maximum protection against glare. Also, these lens are fitted with contrast enhancing filters that accentuate the sweet spot of the light spectrum in water environments. At the same time, Blue Water Revo lenses provide a soothing tint while the filters make the important colours of the visible light spectrum stand out without impacting the natural colours. Great lens for any type of water activity.

blue water revo lenses

Green Water Revo Lens

These lenses help you cut through surface glare in low and medium light conditions completely. They’re ideal for eliminating bright glares off of riverbeds and lakes. Further, they create clarity by highlighting the mid spectrum for an improved visual experience. Additionally, they contrast colours to enhance their vibrancy. The green water Revo lens are a great choice for environments like lake and stream fishing, golf, hiking as well as mountain biking.

green water revo lens

Graphite Revo Lens

These lenses enhance the natural vibrant colours, and at the same time protect against harmful rays and intense glare. They’re made up of a subtle silver coating and contrast-enhancing filters that work to highlight green and bring multiple colours to life. They also help control the level of light passing through your lens, making them a great choice for general use.

Terra Revo Lens

Terra lenses are multi-functional, and are specifically designed for on and off-trail activities. They actively filter the light spectrum, providing clear vision to every viewpoint. These lens excel in variable light conditions with the help of a scientific formulation of multiple tint filters. Terra lenses highlight the red, orange and yellow portions of the colour spectrum to improve visual clarity in varying environmental conditions. As a result, they’re commonly used to improve the overall visual experience for outdoor activities like camping, climbing, hiking and trail running.terra revo lens

Open Road Revo Lens

The Open Road lenses feature image intensifying filters that seamlessly adapt to light in low or bright light situations to improve optical clarity and your overall visual experience. They also tune light transmission for improved crispiness, sharpness and contrast. Open Road lenses are designed with an integrated amber-rose-vermilion blended tint for clear visibility and moderate light transition during changing conditions. All of this makes them a great option for golf, cycling, driving, running and other everyday activities.

Stealth Revo Lens

Stealth lenses provide even light management across the whole visible light spectrum and reduce internal reflection. Further, they deliver an unprecedented visual experience via perfect contrast, while providing a smooth tint where the colours of the visible light spectrum change natural colours. These lenses are suitable for everyday wear.

stealth revo lens

Solar Orange Revo Lens

These lens feature an iridescent, high-intensity and visually appealing multilayer mirror coating that enhances the surrounding environment by highlighting the upper end of middle-range light. Reds, yellows and green will come to life with a glowing effect, making your days brighter and more enjoyable. These lenses are great for all outdoor activities.

Champagne Revo Lens

These lenses feature a pearl mirror colour that’s appealing to the eye and serve as a way to enhance your style. They deliver a smooth visual experience, and allow in only 14% of light. Additionally, they balance those 14% across the whole visual spectrum for outstanding overall performance of colours in bright conditions. That being said, Champagne Revo lens are perfect for virtually anything.

champagne revo lens

All things considered, if you’re looking for Revo replacement lenses, you’ll easily find a lot of choices to choose from online. All you have to do is figure out what you’re going to use the sunglasses for mainly, and then make a choice based on the information I gave above.