Retro Furniture: The Choice of Rebels, Dreamers & Time Travel Schemers

Retro Furniture

In recent years, incorporating a distinct look from the past in homes is becoming a growing trend. Retro, vintage, and antique furniture is a great way to add a little personality to any of your rooms. You can use this type of furniture as a part of a whole retro home décor or just as a way to add some contrast. But don’t go “shopping” for furniture at the junk yard just yet. Although it seems as a cheaper option to just pick up and old piece of furniture and restore it yourself, you might end up damaging it even more. My advice is to buy retro furniture from professional shops that either know how to properly restore it, or they have new furniture with a retro design which has the same impact on your home space.

It is important to distinguish between antique, vintage, and retro furniture. Pieces that are referred to as vintage are more than 100 years old, anything from 20 to 100 years is called vintage, and the term retro may involve both original pieces or reproductions of a certain past style.

Retro Furniture

If you want the look of some past iconic design periods, but you also want a top quality product for a fairly reasonable price, retro furniture may be the best option for you. It cherry picks some of the most notable styles throughout history and recreates them using modern furniture manufacturing methods. This way you will have a piece that will last you for many years to come without worrying that it will fall apart. And, of course, another great plus is that it comes with a warranty.

If you insist on getting an original piece of retro furniture, make sure it is well made. Aesthetic elements can be easily repaired, scratches can be removed, however, a firm structure is essential. As I mentioned before, you don’t want furniture that has been severely damaged and may fall apart at any moment. So, when you are out looking for antique, vintage or original retro pieces of furniture, make sure they are slightly used and well preserved.

Also, when you want to buy retro furniture, you can forget about going to Ikea since you won’t find any in there. If you want to find some good pieces you will need to do a little bit of research. Visit your local furniture shops, browse online shops, and never exclude any of them since you never know where you’ll find a true gem that will perfectly fit your living room.

And remember, getting retro furniture doesn’t mean you have to transform your home into a 70s sitcom scene. By adding just a single piece of retro furniture you can transform the feel of your whole space and compensate for the lack of character and style.