Real Solid Wood Furniture: Timeless and Cosy Investment

As modern day people we don’t have time to choose anything but practical, or so we think; I refer to this in terms of the food choices we make as much as the exercise routines and even the interior d├ęcor for our homes.

What happens with a home that’s only decorated with practical? It lacks warmth, the very essence that makes a home feel like one. The Scandinavians have mastered this balance between practical and warm with the addition of a material none other than wood.

scandinavian style bedroom

You don’t have to be a fan of Scandinavian design to fill your home with real solid wood furniture, more so as there are various other designs, like contemporary, modern and retro. Sure, wood may be more expensive than other materials, especially the man-made ones, however that’s only because of its outstanding quality that can withstand all the wear and tear you put it through.

After investing in wood pieces, like bed frame, chairs, tables and sideboards, I can certainly say I won’t be choosing anything other than wood in case I decide to treat my home to some makeover. Wood is durable which is what makes this type of furniture the furniture of a lifetime.

Isn’t this what we expect when we buy furniture? It’s not every day you end up buying dining room table and chairs or bed frames, so it’s best to put your money where value is. Moreover, quality real solid wood furniture is based on work ethics respecting the environment, something that’s easily checked by the origin of the wood.

If it’s eco-friendly then it’s FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified and comes from sustainable woods and manufacturing processes with more focus on energy saving and cutting down waste. This means purchasing certified wood furniture helps you make your contribution to sustainability and as a result join the fight against global warming.

More to the benefits, it’s the kind of material that offers lots of versatility too because not every wood is the same, so you can expect to find a variety of species, cuts, textures as well as finishes. The beauty of wood as I mentioned prior in the post is that it’s natural and is bound to fill your abode with cosiness.

Even when aged, you have the opportunity to modify the pieces by painting them, changing the finish, sand or stain. Besides, this type of furniture fits well with any other materials, styles and elements which is why you won’t have to worry whether or not you’d have harmonious outcome. If you want timeless furniture, wood is the ideal choice!