Plug Into the Many Benefits of Plug In Energy Meters

Today, energy efficiency and energy consumption are often discussed topics by many businesses. That is not at all surprising since the practice of monitoring energy consumption plays a vital role for any business that strives to reduce their costs through saving energy and reduce the negative impact on the environment as well.

Energy monitoring is a process which analyses data of energy consumption in order to find out whether there is any data that indicates waste. It also functions as a way to track all the changes in energy consumption over a period of time during which saving measures are implemented.

This means that energy monitoring goes together with energy management which is an organized manner of controlling and conserving energy consumption. Implementing those two processes will determine whether your energy saving measures have a positive or negative result.

plug in energy meter 2

A very flexible and effective tool you can use to find out where and when your energy is going to waste is the plug in energy meter. With the help of all the data which the plug in energy meter provides, it is very easy to pinpoint specific days, even minutes when your business is using energy unnecessarily.

It is a common misconception that the quickest and easiest way to save energy is by simply switching off certain equipment whenever it is not needed. However, it is rarely as straightforward as that.

You need to have good quality data which you can analyze on a weekly or monthly basis so you can have a clear view of how much energy is being used during each working day and when the building is closed. Having a good understanding of your energy-consumption patterns will help you make the right decisions on where to focus your attention.

They way a plug in energy meter works is by plugging it into it into the wall outlet and then you plug the appliance you wish to measure into the energy meter. The display will provide all the necessary data that will enable you to create an accurate inventory of all the electrical loads in the building.

One of the most comprehensive plug in power monitoring device is the PM-10 Plug in Power and Energy Meter. Some of the features that make this model stand out are:

  • easy to use, light and compact design
  • large range of parameters that can be simultaneously measured
  • user-friendly interface
  • accepts a wide variety of plugs
  • measures energy consumption and running costs
  • measures the power factor
  • measures active and apparent powers
  • has a moulded Australian plug
  • can monitor appliances up to 2500W
  • works on voltages ranging from 100 to 260V and current up to 10A
  • has Australian warranty and support