Nordic Style: Easy Ways to Bring More Warmth and Coziness into Your Bedroom

Simple, minimalist, functional and abundant with neutral colours and natural light – this is what Scandinavian or also known as the Nordic design is known for. Being such a homey and relaxing style, it’s not surprising so many people love bringing it into their bedrooms. So, if you like many want to add a Scandi flavour to your sleeping space, in addition to wood flooring, there are other factors to keep in mind.

Choose Light Wooden Furniture

If you’re not into the idea of getting a new bed, there are some other things that you can replace or add in order to achieve that amazing Nordic look and feel. Starting with bedside tables and ending with a bench seat and drawers, light wood bedroom furniture pieces can elevate the look of your bedroom in no time. The idea is to choose furniture pieces that can complement the rest of the room’s design.

bedroom with light wooden furniture

When in the search for the right light wood bedroom furniture, interior designers recommend sticking to the types with simple lines and thinner legs. In case you choose something with heavier legs, make sure you mix and match it wisely since these furniture pieces resemble a lot of a rustic and even farmhouse style.

Regarding the colours, I already mentioned that sticking to neutral colours, especially with furniture is the best you can do. And by neutrals, I mean white, grey, ivory, brown in all shades and even black.

When it comes to bedroom furniture material, you have the freedom to choose between a large selection of materials like teak and oak. Souvenirs, lanterns and some other décor pieces can be made of seagrass, rattan, leather, brass and so on. The list is certainly huge, but the thing that keeps all of these things together is the materials’ quality and the extraordinary shades of light brown colours.

It goes without saying that you can play with colours, and you have all the freedom to mix and match them. For instance, if wondering ‘what colours go with oak bedroom furniture’, it’s safe to say that you can stick to the lighter neutral tones, earthy neutral shades and some of the many soft pastel shades. However, if you want something more colourful, you can always add bolder colours like details in rich reds and burgundy.

Think of Adding Textures

The main reason why I’m so obsessed with Nordic design is because of the rich textures it uses. This design is all about implementing raw materials and although it’s well-known for its simple and clean lines, adding natural textures is also its trademark.

nordic style bedroom with rich texture

In order to add texture to your bedroom and make it look more homey and warm, you can add a wool blanket on the bed that has a heavier weave. A copper mirror in an interesting shape and even a dream catcher are some of the other many decorative pieces that you can add to your bedroom, as well as faux or real fur pieces on the floor. Linen curtains in a light neutral colour, brass and glass pieces on the nightstands or on the dressing table are just some of the numerous things with which you can add texture to your bedroom.

Be Cautious with the Bedding

Just like for curtains and drapes, linen is a great choice for bedding. It’s comfortable, soft and appealing, but personally, I don’t like it because it’s extremely wrinkly. Even if you sit on it for less than a minute, the wrinkles will be there with no plan to go away. That’s why I prefer bamboo. The, soft and calming bamboo bed sheets are worth every penny since they’ll literally hug you once you lay on them. Silky and smooth, bamboo is slowly but surely taking the place of cotton and linen. It’s also durable, thermo-insulating, hypo-allergenic and anti-bacterial, just like cotton and linen.

soft and calming bamboo bed sheets

By choosing bamboo bed sheets you can have peace of mind that allergies will be set at a minimum because of the reduced amount of moisture. Unlike synthetic materials that retain moisture and make an ideal home for dust mites, bamboo doesn’t retain moisture which explains the fact of its resistance to dust mites, mould and mildew. All of this is proof that even allergy sufferers can enjoy having a restful sleep.

The thing that makes it a better choice than cotton is that bamboo only gets better with time, just like wine. The more you wash your bamboo bedding, the better it’ll get. Regarding the colours, bamboo sheets are available in numerous colours, allowing you to choose the ones that will best meet your new bedroom Nordic design. Regarding the colours, it’s safe to say that sticking to neutral colours is the best thing you can do. When in the search for the right bed sheet set, don’t forget to invest in a quilt cover as well, so you could give your bedroom a more warm and homey feel. In case sold separately, make sure to choose a quilt cover of the same colour as the bed sheet set.

Use Scandi-Inspired Artwork

The last but not least thing you can add to your Nordic bedroom is artwork/s. And since this style is all about having simple and minimal things, you can opt for minimalist artworks. These artworks should be clean, with lots of clean lines and spare silhouettes. But if you plan on adding something bold to your otherwise plain and light colours-inspired Nordic bedroom, you can always choose an abstract art with bolder colours.