Metal Tablet Case: Protection at Its Finest

Doing three presentations a day and moving from town to town can be a real drag. Apart from that, there is the all too real risk of damaging your equipment in the blink of an eye since frequent travel brings its inevitable hazards. I work as a marketing presenter, offering apps and solutions for tablets.

In the hotels where I do my presentations, I often find myself looking for the person I have a meeting with and the case is left to the mercy of the people passing in the lobby. I was rather forced to find the perfect prevention for any unwanted situation, therefore, in this article, I hand over to you the most narrowed down solution.

metal case

There is a plethora of different types of road cases, but if you are serious about protecting your equipment, you need to cut to the chase and opt for metal custom road cases. The best thing about these cases is having tons of space. In addition, when you put the tablets in these cases, they are separated one from another with a soft plastic material, therefore the convenience of taking the one you need while leaving the rest untouched is easily achieved. Furthermore, this protective material absorbs vibrations to a great extent, thus making the moving process as safe as can be.

I highly recommend buying a case that has metal as its predominant material, the durability of which can rightfully be compared with those bulletproof military cases we see in films (and I am not joking). At first, their price did not seem quite favourable to me, but then I decided to take a look at the bigger picture. The case lasts about 10 years min, whereas the initial cost is around $1000, therefore, my long-run cost equals 0.12 cents per month. When I compared 0.12 cents monthly protection to 3 or 4 thousand in revenue per month, I said to myself: Metal custom road cases – Thumbs up!

thumbs up

Thanks to these custom road cases, I fell in love with my job all over again since now I am able to focus on my projects instead of the safety of the equipment. Hopefully, after reading this article, you will feel confident enough in your decision to invest in the best kind of protection. Finally, remember that prevention is better than repair and these cases can take your tablets safely – everywhere!