Lovely Easter Gift Ideas to Put a Smile on Everyone’s Face

Easter is coming up. If you want to show a friend, relative or loved one that you care about them, now is the perfect time. I for one, love surprising people with a thoughtful gift, regardless whether it’s Christmas or any other day of the year. In fact, I think gifts are even more appreciated when people least expect them, like during Easter. Even though Easter is a holiday many people celebrate, it’s only children that tend to receive Easter baskets with goodies, and adults are rarely the recipients of this thoughtful gesture.

That being said, I’m all up for surprising someone on Easter. And even if you don’t get a gift in return, the whole act of giving without expecting to receive something helps improve your psychological well-being. So, if you want to make this Easter even more special for someone and experience the warm feeling associated with unconditional giving, here are some ideas I’m sure they’ll love.

An Edible Arrangement

Flower arrangements are popular gift ideas for all kinds of occasions, Easter included. But if you want to surprise a relative, friend or loved one with something that won’t be a cliché, edible arrangements are a great idea. You can order edible bouquets consisting of chocolates, doughnuts, strawberries, champagne, whiskey and all kinds of other tasty goodies. Unlike traditional flower arrangements, edible bouquets won’t wither after a few days. If the person can control themselves not to eat them straight away, the arrangement can be an amazing decorative piece that makes spending their Easter holiday at home more special.

edible arrangement

But where to buy edible flowers? Especially now when staying home and social distancing  are super important for the well-being of all of us? In this case, as well as any other time when it’s not convenient for you to go shopping, you can simply order edible arrangements online. There are many popular businesses that specialize in creating beautiful and tasty hampers for all kinds of occasions, whether anniversaries, birthdays, graduations, Christmas or Easter. Some of them even allow the option to personalize the arrangement with stickers with the person’s name or by including a particular drink or type of chocolates that your giftee loves. I’m sure this kind of Easter gift will be appreciated by everyone.

Bath Bombs

bath bomb

Easter means taking some time off from work. Finally. And with all that free time, people can finally take a nice long bath. If you’re invited to an Easter lunch or diner, surprise the host that worked hard to prepare the perfect meal with a bath bomb set that will help them relax in style. Bath bombs will encourage the giftee to take some me time and finally fill up that bath. If you’re lucky enough, you may even find bath bombs in the form of Easter eggs.

A Collection of Scented Candles

Who doesn’t like scented candles? They help create a soothing ambiance that contributes to a happy home. They will keep the living area smelling nice and fresh and provide it with a colourful touch. Pick a collection of candles in the traditional Easter palette of soft pastels which will blend in with your giftee’s existing Easter décor.

scented candle

Plus, scented candles help people relax thanks to the perfect combinations of herbs and essential oils. And those that have a stuffy nose or struggle with allergies may find relief from their symptoms with the help of some scented candles that can act as a decongestant. For example, candles with scents such as black pepper, eucalyptus or peppermint will work great for this purpose. And some candles with scents such as lavender or vanilla can help improve your sleep. With all these amazing benefits, buying scented candle collection for someone is more than a good idea. Anytime they light the candle, the scent will remind them of you.


plants gift

Greenery is always a lovely option for a gift. If they are living in an apartment, get them an indoor plant that will help keep the air fresh and clean. And if they have a new garden ready to be planted, pick a lovely decorative tree or shrub. With good care, this can be a lasting gift. If you don’t want to burden them with a high-maintenance plant, succulents are a great choice as they don’t require a lot of care. In addition, you can pick a plant that has a symbolic message or brings good luck to the home. In any case, try to get them a plant that you know they’ll find the time to take care of. To make it even more personal, opt for one that’s in a pot or has blooms in their favourite colour.